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Track your companion

No more waiting and wondering whether your date is on time, running late, or coming at all. Premium members get full access to our live GPS tracking service*, allowing you to not only see the estimated arrival time of your date, but to live check and follow her journey all the way to your door.

Once you've made a booking through Smooci you'll be sent a live GPS tracking link the moment your date starts her journey to meet you. This link allows you to see exactly where your date is and track her progress until the moment she arrives at your location.

*GPS tracking is available on approx. 95% of confirmed bookings. In situations where the booked companion doesn't have mobile internet access or has forgotten to activate the service, this service will not be available.

Photo Verification

See photo verification

Photoshopping is an industry wide problem and clients have come to rely on the fact that many agencies and independents display professionally edited photos, which can often be an inaccurate representation of how the model looks in person.

Premium members get the benefit of Smooci's photo verification system. Once a booking is complete the client can vote on whether their companion's photos are accurate or not. Photos which receive a high number of 'no' votes are deemed inaccurate and automatically removed, while photos which receive a high number of 'yes' votes receive our verification seal which is only visible to Premium members.


Read user comments

Have you ever noticed how every single user comment on an escort agency website is a glowing report on how Joe Bloggs had the most amazing time of his life?

Premium members get to read each and every user comment left on a companion, from the good, to the bad, to the not so ugly. We don't hide or edit any negative reports on companions booked on our platform, so as well as seeing the average review score a companion has received, as a Premium member you will be able to read about all their past experiences in detail.


24 hour advanced and 1 hour bookings

Sometimes you just want to plan in advance, or desire the option of a lower priced, shorter time booking. While standard members get to book up to 4 hours in advance, with booking durations ranging from 2 to 24 hours, Premium members can search and get bookings confirmed up to a full 24 hours in advance, and have the added option of booking for a 1 hour duration.

Offline Browsing

Offline Searches and Favouriting

Cant find the date you are looking for? Searching for someone specific or need more options to find that "special one"? We have noticed that the some popular companions get booked very quickly and can be hard to catch online, while a lot of clients have had problems trying to re-find a previous companion they liked.

Premium members can now see all Smooci models, easily seeing and sorting through the companions available for their booking, as well as being able to see offline companions and the time since they were last online. Premium members can also add companions as a "favourite" and quickly find them again when making searches.

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