Introducing Smooci for Agencies

Dashboard, real-time tracking of staff and more.

Agency benefits

Get organized, get seen, and get earning!

  1. Get seen by many

    Get seen by 1000s of genuine clients each and every day. With Smooci rapidly gaining a global reputation for setting higher standards and greater trust within the industry, you get the exposure and branding of a top agency while remaining totally independent.

  2. Request success

    Smooci helps your agency accept live requests, with SMS notifications to make sure you are able to quickly respond to live requests and chat messages from genuine clients. No need for long calls, endless text chats, banter or bartering, jobs are clear and prices agreed upon before being sent to you.

  3. Flexible timing

    Work when you want, how you want, and for the price you want. Using the Smooci companion app you are in total control of where, when, and how you work, selecting your preferred services, setting your own rates, and becoming available whenever you please.

  4. Keep your earnings

    Keep every penny you earn. Smooci doesn't take any cut or percentage of your earnings, allowing you to offer a competitive rate without having to share it with anyone. You can set your own price and even add extra charges for certain services.

How we monetize

Clients pay the booking fees direct to the companion/agency. You set your rates, payment and cancellation policies, and you collect and keep all the money (we don’t take any fee or cut of your booking payment).

Then how do we make money?

Clients and Escorts can pay a small fee for premium services. For clients this means being able to send chat messages and read verified reviews. For agencies, premium escorts can receive unlimited bookings (but agencies can still list theircompanions for free and receive up to 1 booking every 72 hours on non-premium escorts).

We believe in fair pricing and all membership fees are in line with what you would pay to join a dating site. We don’t believe in extortionate fees or making escorts and agencies compete for the top spots by seeing who is willing to pay the most (only the escorts with the best ratings and reputation will appear highest and be highlighted).