An introduction to Smooci

What is Smooci?

Smooci is a next generation escort directory platform which allows genuine clients to quickly connect with the trustworthy agencies and independent escorts.

Smooci is the first escort directory to bring a genuinely live search and booking system. When you search for escorts in your area you will receive live results of escorts available to book immediately. When you place a booking request it is instantly sent to the companion or agency and you’ll receive a confirmation or decline within 10 mins (typically within 3 minutes).

Smooci companions are held to high standards; we work hard to ensure all companions are of legal and age and are working of their own free will. We vet and monitor agencies using our platform to ensure they also meet our high standards and ethics. And we offer several layers of verification and community feedback to quickly stop and eradicate any potential scams or deception.

Smooci’s verified rating and review system also offers clients and companions a trustworthy way of receiving accurate information, helping both parties make an informed and safer choice when placing and accepting bookings.

Smooci for Clients

Clients can make a booking in a few simple clicks.

  • Using a genuinely live search clients see real time results, showing exactly which escorts are available, with simple sort and filter tools to quickly find who they are looking for.
  • Ratings, scores, and comments give the clients an informed choice, with reliable information and detailed reviews they can trust.
  • User-led photo and age verification removes heavily photoshopped images and highlights those which are accurate, and allows escorts to verify their real.
  • Bookings are placed and confirmed in seconds, using SMS OTP verification - with a success rate over 90%
  • Live booking updates help to keep clients informed of the progress of their booking, letting them know of any possibly delays.
  • A rating and review system allows clients to share their experience and contribute to the community after their date is complete.

Clients are kept updated throughout the process via SMS updates and their private booking screen, offering a level of consumer information, trust, and control, not seen elsewhere in the industry.

Become a premium member and get full access to all of Smooci’s features

Smooci for Companions

Companions can download the companion’s app and open an account in seconds.

  • Escorts are in total control of their pictures and profile. Setting rates they offer, adding their personal cancelation and payment policies.
  • Escorts show their live availability, able to go on and offline at a tap of the app, working as much or as little as they please.
  • Genuine bookings come direct to the app, with detailed information helping them to instantly accept or reject a booking.
  • In-app management tools help escorts stay organized, punctual, and offer high levels of professionalism.
  • In-app safety features give direct access to health and safety support, with the ability to trace a companion’s movements in emergency cases.

The Smooci companion’s app allows every escort to work with freedom and efficiency, controlling their time and earnings with new levels of ease and safety.

For more help and information please contact us here.

Important facts

Smooci is not an escort agency

Smooci is a live escort directory which connects clients with escorts and agencies. We are not an escort agency, and like any escort directory, we don't manage, control, or employ any escorts. When you place a booking request it is forwarded to the companion/agency who decide whether to accept the booking. Once a booking is accepted the client and companion/agency are given direct contact with each other, and the booking is then strictly between both parties. Smooci is not privy to the details of what happens during a booking nor responsible for the behaviour or conduct of the client, companion or agency.

We aren’t able to give out any work schedules or additional information on the registered companions, other than the info already displayed on the companion profiles. Premium clients are able to ask questions directly to the companions and agencies using our chat, and can also message offline companions. As this is a premium only feature chat messages can be taken more seriously, with the premium clients being considered genuine.

Clients / companions can only leave a rating and review after a confirmed booking

If you do arrange to meet a companion/client outside of an official Smooci booking you will not be able to leave a comment or rating on Smooci. A review link will only be sent to users after the completion of a booking made through the Smooci system.

If you made and completed a booking through Smooci, and did not receive a link to review your experience, please do contact us and we can investigate and help get your review and rating published.

We don’t set the cancellation and payment policies

Smooci allows all companions and agencies to set their own cancellation and payment policies. Smooci does not set, force, or enforce these policies and any questions, negotiations, and discrepancies with regards to payment methods or cancellation fees should first be directed to the companion/agency in question.

No hidden costs

All charges and prices are made clear before you confirm any booking. Options for extras will be offered on the booking form (these are not added automatically and only added if requested), along with any travel costs. Travel costs are only required for bookings outside of the main booking area (i.e. airport hotels and suburbs).

No additional fees or tips are required or expected and payments are to be made direct to the companion. If you are harassed to pay extra by any companion or agency please let us know.

Smooci takes 0% and 0 fees on all bookings

No booking payments are made to or through Smooci. Smooci does not receive any cut or percentage of the booking fees, allowing companions and agencies to charge their most competitive rate.

For alternative payment options or cancellation policies, you must contact the companion or agency directly either via the booking form, or through the direct contact line once a booking has been placed.

Complaints / Refunds regarding Premium Memberships

If you have a complaint about the Smooci website, SMS/Email updates, or premium membership features, please do email us. We will do everything we can to try to resolve issues fairly and help you have the best experience possible.

In circumstances where a premium membership was not used, where the features did not work, or where the client has a fair argument that the premium features did not enhance their experience, we are always happy to give a full membership refund.

Complaints/Refunds regarding Bookings and Fees

For any complaints or refund requests regarding a booking or cancellation fee paid, please contact the companion/agency to resolve the issues.

As Smooci does not receive any part of the booking fees, we are unable to give a booking refund, but in situations where the client or companion/agency feel they have been treated unfairly please do let us know. We cannot for companions or agencies to give refunds, but we are able to warn, suspend, or ban the client/companion/agency if they have not been fair, considerate, or appropriate in their behaviour or conduct.

It’s also very important to use the review form to give the appropriate rating and comment to articulate your experience. This will then help to warn others and any companions/agencies receiving a notable amount of negative feedback will be warned, suspended, or banned.

We cannot accept booking via phone or email

We cannot arrange bookings via email, phone, or any other means of contact, bookings can only be made via our site.

To make a booking click Book an escort and select your requirements to get a selection of companions available. If you are having problems making a booking please contact us.