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Unfortunately Sofa is not online right now.
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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.7
Agency New Bangkok Escort
Agency Rating 4.4
Gender Female
Measurements 33B-36-27
Age 23 years old
Height 155 cm
Body Type Curvy
Spoken languages English (Basic)
Likes BBBJ CIM COB DATY DFK DT Guide Massage
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Sofa is not online right now.
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Duration Price Shots
1h 3,200 THB 1
2h 4,000 THB 2
3h 4,800 THB 2
4h 5,600 THB 2
6h 6,400 THB 2
8h 7,200 THB 3
10h 8,000 THB 3
12h 8,400 THB 3
15h 8,800 THB 3
24h 9,600 THB 4
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


November 2022
Heavy make up l, hair on point and a hot dress is how she walked in. She’s very comfortable and is very easy to talk to. People who want conversation will be pleased. She was a little distant despite the eager conversation and the escalation didn’t feel natural. Appearance- She puts in a lot of effort, but has a fair bit of hair on her upper lip. She has stretch marks from her prior pregnancy, but that isn’t something that can be easily changed, so I wouldn’t judge. Performance- Great blowjob skills! I only wish she could go deeper, but I don’t think that’s a common skill sadly. She wasn’t too energetic in cowgirl, but having a mundane conversation while she rode me was fun. She had skipped lunch to make the appointment. I wish she hadn’t because she was in a bit of rush to leave and eat. The agency shouldn’t be sending out hungry girls and it would be preferable to reschedule to ensure her comfort. She had been partying the night before too. Ideally she should have had more rest and some food, because no human can perform at 100% in that situation and I wouldn’t. She has a lot of positive qualities, but for an accurate review I would prefer to spend some time when she’s well fed and well rested.
November 2022
Was an absolutely joy to be with SOFA . She had a great personality and willingness to please. There are were certain things she said she can do, such as cum in mouth and massage I interested in that and even let her know there was a chance at one point, which she immediately offered a better option to get me off. We had some good conversations due to her English being real good. Went out for nice dinner and enjoying every moment with her. I was a little bit tired and suggested she could go back first before time over, as she actually arrived early, would highly recommend as one of the best overall escorts I have been with. Really Sofa Is The Best. Love Sofa ❤️
October 2022
It was my first experience with a call girl and I had imagined it differently. She was very busy with her mobile and told me right away that she was totally tired. Then why does she appear? Maybe I was just to boring, not her type.....? out of 6 booked hours she sleeps 4 . she once dared to try to blow me but somehow there was no mood. Definitely a dear person but I won't pay for that. I'm not angry with her and I'm trying to understand. Professional looks different I think.Maybe I'm to stupid ;). Next time I will acting more like a businessman. Clear everything from beginning.
March 2022
Sofa was Extremely Rude, Aggressive and I had such a Disturbing experience (30 Mins). She got Into 15 Minutes of Non-Stop Chatting like my ears were bleeding. Every tiny detail of her Stupid Life. Who Wants to know all of that Shit...?? 15 Minutes of Shower she alone had with the Music ON Via her Phone. Too Cold. Too Stupid. Too Dumb. Not Fit for This Line of work at all. Not Surprised with her Fake 5 star Reviews. I've dealt One like this Before. Photos are Super Inaccurate. Be Prepared to welcome a Tanned and Dark Girl at your Doorstep. The Body has Baby Damage. She has Such an Annoying Voice. I tried my Very Best to Calm Her the Fuck Down. This Woman won't Listen. Her Criticism's, Her Attitude and Her Manners Off course made me Put my Foot down and Say, I am Cancelling you and I want My Money Back even before touching her. After 15 minutes of Arguing, yelling, Using Foul Language and Screaming and She called her Agency and all of that Drama. Finally, I got My Money Back (Minus the Cancellation Fee 1000 THB). I felt Proud of Myself, That I didn't Lose my Shit and asked her to Politely Leave. This one reminded me so much of that ONE Crazy Neurotic Blondie I dated a Few years ago. Things that I want to Forget. Gawdd..!! #My Dear Fellow Men, Please remember We're Not Just Paying for Pussy Here. We are Paying for Pussy SANS DRAMA. You Know what I Mean..?? If it's Really Legit Reviews for her on Smooci. I am Disappointed. Please Start Reviewing This Girl reasonably. She Thinks She's One Hot Shot because of all the 5 star Reviews. Anyways, This one was not my cup of tea. A Fucking Nightmare..!! You Can Book at your Own Risk.
March 2022
Sofa arrived about 15 mins. after scheduled time noticeably angry. Turns out she was waiting in the lobby and the reception never informed me that she was already here. She rudely asked me to give her 20 mins to herself to calm down, if not I can cancel without charge. I asked her to take her time. you may think this doesn't sound like a 5-star review but wait.... About 10 mins of silence time she started talking and about 20 mins in she mellowed down and from that point on she was very friendly did everything I asked her to do. As some reviews here say she's definitely spunky and energetic. Overall experience very good. True gf experience I would say where at the start the woman is angry and you don't even know why but in both cases you end up on top of Sofa <pun intended>.
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Sofa – Hiiii:)
1 month ago