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Unfortunately Stella is not online right now.
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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.0
Agency Rating 4.4
Gender Female
Measurements 34B-35-25
Age 31 years old
Height 160 cm
Body Type Slim
Spoken languages English (Basic)
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Stella is not online right now.
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Duration Price Shots
1h 2,400 THB 1
2h 3,000 THB 2
3h 3,600 THB 2
4h 4,200 THB 2
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


March 2022
My experience with almost all agency especially this one is that they always try to run game on the customer! Especially if you are super nice and generous person they will try their best to take advantage of this. #1 all of the escort will try one of many things to try to gain more currency from the individual by over staying the time you paid for by over sleeping and then saying their boss/agency is making them pay more to the agency and that they will have not made any money during their time with you. They will try to make you feel guilty and feel sorry for them cause they over stayed with you and the agency is making her pay the extra fees due to her negligence! I have been here almost over a year and I see the same con jobs over and over by each and every one of them! Many times they will try to get you to score some sticky icky, white girl powder and etc.....just so they can put you in a position that way they can later try to extort or blackmail the individual! Some may get very loud and try to embrass you to get more out of you, some will threaten you by saying they will call the law on you! They will always say it's ok for you to do the narcotics and they won't just so they can later extort the most out of you. Not saying this individual actually did this to me, she was actually one of the better and nicer one and she actually has a soul and does care. Many will ask you later if you know their boss cause the boss is making me them pay more for over staying, and that you are the one who told on them. But yet their phone all have gps trackers that know where they are at all times! They may tell you they will leave their phones at home and come with you and stay with you for free or cheaper price. Not saying this individual did this but 90 percent of the ladies does this or they will ask to a Holliday from their agency and go with you where ever and try to s$#@ the customer dry. You will never have to book thru the agency once they visit you cause they all will give you their personal number and tell you to contact them on their personal phone and not the company phone. They will always play as the victim roll of being done wrong by A you or the agency! This lady is actually much more kind and has a conscious and won't be so mean. And if you ever book two or more you better watch out for the super phycological games they will run on you! Most of them are award nominations actors, and will get you to believe the crap that is coming out their mouths! Do not fall for these nonsense, soon their will be many YouTube vidoes on how each of them will try to get the most out of you, extort and how they will try to blackmail you! This is why I always set up spy CCTV in all my condos just on case of this specific thing. I would never release them unless they would try to push things and take you towards the law. I do have my friends blur out the faces on the vidoes so that the individual identity is not shown but this way you may learn from all my valuble experiences all over the world. This is what I do for a living is to expose bad actors, blackmail artist, extortionist, and just plain evil people! As my company motto is we do bad things to bad people! Keeping all recording of communication is not iligal as it is for the safety of both individuals and any third party! All of the girls will always have condoms that are way to tight for you, that way your little guy will be in a super chock hold and will go down each and every time. They never ever invest in bigger condoms for the simple reasonings. When they have to suck you off they will purposely use their teeth and they will try to make you not want to be in the mood. They will try their best to make you not be so horny and always rush you to cum. I never ever book anything less then 12 hours, most of all my bookings has been over 24 hours and I am able to see clearly who are genuine a d who are not. Many people always ask me what is my job and how come I have money when I don't work, it's because this is my job is exposing the good and then bad! You can do the same on all social media platforms but you have to not reveal anyone's identity and just show the people how the con job works over a 24 to 48 hour period.
February 2022
First time for me with Smooci and I'll try again. Good value for money. I was rather looking for a girl friend than a porno star. First idea was to book 6 or 8 hours but I finally decided to try 2 hours first. About Stella, she is a bit smaller than the advertised 160, has small tits as I like them. She has large hips for a small slim lady, that's perfectly hidden on the pictures! She doesn't kiss and I am not sure she really provides all the announced services. She's doing the job but it's difficult to forget she is just working. Overall good experience but I'll try another girl next time.
November 2019
She showed up on time. Her were her online but they had been doctored up. She still looked good for me. I booked her for 10 hours. She was nice at first and want rushing anything. She got right into it and was fine for r he first time. As soon as we finished she wanted to go to sleep and rolled away from me. A couple hours went by and I was trying for round 2 and she was frustrated and offers to just lay on her side so she found rest. I told Bauer could give me a blow job and she said she can’t. She listed she offered BBBJ and CIM. and she doesn’t offer anything at all. I sent email to telling them the issue. We were 3 hours into a 10 hour session and she wanted to leave I wanted her to leave. It was more work. They called her and she was pissed and asked me if I wanted to go again. I told her no and she’s can leave. So I paid for 10 got 3 bad hours. She slept from over 2 of the 3 and when she went to sleep she turned her back to me. She kept the fee paid grabbed her stuff and left without saying a word.
January 2019
You must translate by yourself.... Sie hat nicht viel gemacht, hätte sich mehr kümmern können, mehr massieren oder streicheln, auch an anderen Körperteilen, küssen ab Hals nach oben gab's gar nicht und sie kam 30 min zu spät die sie auch früher ging .... schade, sie hat einen süßen Körper, der aber auf dem Bildern retuschiert ist, auch die Brüste sind größer angegeben als sie sind .... seid ehrlich, dann gibt's zufriedene Kunden! So kommt man sich abgezockt vor .... Ich hätte mir gewünscht, verwöhnt zu werden, dafür bezahlt man auch
March 2018
I opened the door, smiled and said hello. Stella was frowning, said nothing and rushed past me into the room. Thinking that some might be wrong I asked if she was ok and she said was. She wouldn't chat. She obviously wanted to be somewhere else. After an hour I told her she could go and she was off like a rocket. I made the booking more than 2 hours in advance. Then some guy calls me and says Stella can't come until 45 minutes past the booking time. Obviously they knew 3 hours in advance she didn't want the booking.
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