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Unfortunately Nivea is not online right now.
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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.8
Agency New Bangkok Escort
Gender Female
Measurements 34B-34-26
Age 30 years old
Height 163 cm
Body Type Curvy
Spoken languages English (Basic), Japanese (Fluent)
Likes A-Level BBBJ COB COF DATY DFK Guide Massage
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Nivea is not online right now.
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Duration Price Shots
1h 3,200 THB 1
2h 4,000 THB 2
3h 4,800 THB 2
4h 5,600 THB 2
6h 6,400 THB 2
8h 7,200 THB 3
10h 8,000 THB 3
12h 8,400 THB 3
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


April 2023
Nee, wow. Beautiful girl. She's gained a little weight since the gym photo and no longer has that very tight stomach, but she's still hot. And very smart, her English is very passable and she can have full conversations and she's very clear about what her goals are and why she's in the business. I only had her for 2 hours, it wasn't really enough. I probably could have just talked with her for two hours. I paid for A+ service and she was happy to do it. Her pussy was plenty tight with lots of natural lube so it totally wasn't necessary but it was very nice. Not sure why, but she didn't have lube and only had one condom with her, luckily I had the supplies needed. She's not PSE, but I was looking for relaxing sex and more of a GFE and that's what I got. She had no problems with any positions and had the cutest orgasm that caught her by surprise. I would definitely see her again
January 2023
I read all the previous reviews before booking Nee, and I attest to their accuracy. Nee is a simple girl despite her seemingly wild, tattooed looks. She’s not a whore so please treat her gently and respectfully. She’s only been escorting for 4 months and 2 weeks as Covid hit her job as a tattoo artist quite badly. She wants to build friendships with different people and learn English along the way. At just over 4 months, she speaks and understands simple English really well. If you treat her right, she gets genuinely wet and aroused without busting out a lube gel. The best view is from behind so you get to see her tight waist, lithe frame, long lean legs and full backside and admire the artwork of her tattoos. She drives quite far so it is best to book her past 8 pm when there is less traffic jam. She was kind enough to even give me a lift to my destination in the morning! I am reluctant to give her a 5* only because she doesn’t do DFK (I don’t have stinky breath or crooked teeth), but I respect her reasons. I only wish she gets more vocal about her preferences and limitations as she gets more confident in escorting and her English. I wish her the very best in her future and would love to meet her again if not an escort, as a friend. Take care, Nee. 😊
December 2022
I had such an beautiful evening with her! It was very much like a regular 'lucky' date where all goes as you hoped for. We first spoke on the phone a few times as she was stuck in traffic, she has other responsibilities in life so just don't book her if starting your time with her a bit later ruins your evening. Then when seeing her it felt like meeting a good friend that you haven't seen for too long, never a dull or awkward moment. She is very sweet, fun, caring, interesting and has an absolutely mesmerizing face (sorry again for the repeated staring 😂) , very nice physical shape and beautiful tattoos that fit very well with her looks and personality. Her English is very good, she is a quick learner, we looked up a word once or twice during the whole evening. We had a very nice time in bed as well, if you don't put your own needs first and put some time and effort in trying to find out what she likes she is very sensual, don't expect any fake behaviour from her side. Reading some of the negative reviews now that I've had the pleasure of meeting her: If you didn't have a nice time ("Just provide a normal sex service"? And you call yourself a gentleman?? 🤣), it's most probably you, not her. Thank you so much and really hope to meet you again (maybe I even need a tattoo done by you...), take care 🤗!
November 2022
I had a great experience with Nivea, though not quite what I expected. I will write a long and full review so you know exactly what to expect. The reviews on Smooci are accurate. Her Smooci profile has some inaccuracies (she does not do COF or DFK at all), she said she didn't realize and will update it. She has no formal massage training either. Her written bio on New Bangkok Escort website is completely wrong, I would suggest to ignore that, or to think that who she is is the opposite of her NBE profile. She didn’t write it, the agency did, and she was shocked at the inaccuracy when I showed her the NBE profile and translated it with google translate, which was not her intention. She intends to be truthful and transparent, even having no problem to share her real name, though her English is really basic. She has only been escorting 3 months, and in the beginning of those 3 months she knew zero English, now her English is ok (impressive for just 3 months) and can be supplemented with a translator app. Nivea is an all-natural beauty. Perhaps she could have more updated and recent photos, her photos are accurate except that she does NOT wear makeup anymore. Not because she does not know how, she was a former makeup artist, but because makeup was creating blemishes in her skin and her dermatologist told her to stop wearing makeup. She has eyelash extensions but don’t expect any makeup, even though I asked for eye makeup specifically, because of poor English she doesn’t always understand the special requests. Her NBE profile says she likes to dress up in costumes and uniforms including like a schoolgirl, and I had requested that (don’t expect uniforms even if you request it), she said that she absolutely is not into that because she thinks her body is not sexy enough for that - she has natural small breasts (not enhanced breasts like NBE agency told me). Body type Curvy is not accurate, I would say more Slim or Average. Her waist is really small (I guess curvy from that standpoint) which is accentuated in the doggy position, really striking and attractive hip-to-waist ratio. NBE website says that she’s a bad girl, not at all, as the other reviews indicated, she’s a shy angelic nice girl. She is not really an escort or a hooker, imagine that you’ve charmed a normal Thai girl next door (who happens to be a tattoo artist) into bed. You won’t get any screams or fake orgasms, felt almost like I was with a virgin. Takes her a little bit to warm up and get comfortable, as a normal girl would. A normal girl who fell on hard times due to Covid and her not getting tattoo bookings anymore, and she turned to escorting to survive. Don’t expect anything kinky, just normal sex with a normal girl, as I said it didn’t feel at all like being with a professional, and there’s novelty in that. Not at all PSE, not really GFE either unless you think of her more like a high school girlfriend. Also don’t try to record her with cameras please, she had a traumatic experience with that the first day of escorting. She is 33, not 28. Be kind to her please, she’s a very nice person. She drives from far from the Sukhumvit area and she arrived 45 minutes late due to bad traffic, another reviewer indicated the same, punctuality might not be her strong suit, though she was very apologetic and I quickly forgave it. Today was her day off and was going to drive home to visit her family in another province, but because I booked a day in advance and she didn't shut off her profile she felt it was in integrity to honor the booking, which I respect. I would recommend a shorter booking such as 2 hours, longer if you know Thai or Japanese language. The sweetest girl, I enjoyed my time with her, though understand what you are signing up for so you won’t be disappointed.
October 2022
This lady lives quite far away from the Sukhumvit area hotels so she arrived 35 minutes late due to heavy traffic, despite giving herself 1 hour to drive here. She was geneuinely apologetic and her humble and sincere demeanour were instantly disarming. I wish to reiterate a comment made by a previous individual on this site. Please don’t be deceived by her tattoos. She used to work as a tattoo artist and hence, has beautiful and meaningful art all over her body, but she is as gentle, thoughtful and sweet as they come. We had a great time together because she loves to talk, and is really interested in a number of mature things… about life and humanity. It’s not easy to find someone with whom one can enjoy deep conversations. She is very patient and told me that if the person cannot speak Thai, she is happy to use Google translate to get to know them. We went to an Izakaya and literally spent hours talking . In terms of sex, she does everything listed I think, although she is not really into DFK and I cannot comment on A level as I had no interest in it. If you’re looking for a really intense, full-on, sexual adventure, I don’t think she is the right girl, because she is just too gentle, soft and natural. However, after a recent evening that almost killed me, I wanted something more low key and I found the company of this lady to be very enjoyable. It was an excellent and most unique experience.
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