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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.3
Agency Independent
Gender Female
Measurements 36C-35-26
Age 36 years old
Height 156 cm
Body Type Slim
Spoken languages English (Basic)
Likes A-Level BBBJ CIM COB DATY DFK Guide Massage Rimming
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Duration Price Shots
1h 3,000 THB 1
2h 3,500 THB 2
3h 4,000 THB 2
4h 4,500 THB 2
6h 5,000 THB 2
8h 5,500 THB 2
10h 6,500 THB 2
12h 7,000 THB 3
15h 8,000 THB 3
24h 10,000 THB 4
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok

About me

Don' accept who do drugs


January 2022
She is pretty and looks like her photos. But just isn't very good in bed. Star fish of note. Didn't want to do any of the positions I wanted and they weren't crazy requests things like can you go on top... Worst attempt at a blowjob ever just lazy superficial bs, kept wanting to give me a boring handjob instead. Loud fake moaning, like during the bad bj, which is not in the slightest believable and just a turn off for me. Wouldn't stop reminding me about the time left, she obviously really didn't want to be there and had no problem letting me know it. Tried making conversation towards the end but she just flat out ignored me.. which was weird and just made things awkward and uncomfortable, so I ended up just saying okay you can leave early. Didn't even cum once.
January 2022
I booked her for 24 hours and demand the money up front, I pay for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take her to get Manicure and peticure and did not even get a thank you. Pay for a coach to train her for one hour in badminton, and still no thank you yet. We go to the supermarket and I spend and buy more things she picks up, but not a single thank you or any meaningful genuine words. At first she sp nice and innocent, but after badminton, we still have 6 more hours to go, but she demanded to want to leave cause she was tired. She said for the last three days she did not get any sleep, but yet I let her sleep during the morning to afternoon. From the time she got here to the time I just got fed up and told her she can leave, I did not get a massage, blow, sex, or anything. She spoke in a rushing and angry manner to the point, I felt like it was my problem she did not sleep for the other days she was not with me. That how she spind the whole thing to make me feel guilty for something I did not do, to the point I lost interest to even want to sleep with her. What a waste of money, gave 10,000 when she got here and spent another 20,000 on food, badminton attire, shoes, coaches, court fees, manicure pedicure and grab food. Told her to make her self at home to any of the food and drinks. Being a nice and GENUINE person and treating these girls so well and spoiling them.....only hurt you in the end and they take advantage of it also. And they will even push the issue of not doing the job they came to do by making you feel so bad to the point you have no desire to do anything with them. Mulnipulating you, especially if you treat them as a human being and as equal. Pull out chairs and open doors will only get you trampled on by these girls, they have no morals, ethics, respect for no one.....even when you treat them with so well and buy them all kinds of stuff and give them things. Seems to me, the worse you treat them the better they are to the customer. The more decent of a person you are, the worse they will take advantage of you. Most of the pics are filtered and outdated......more than 80 percent of the girls that guy's book online is filtered so much when the person is standing in front of would not even recognize them. Then they expect you to pay them 1000 for travel.....what a business....fraud con job!
May 2018
My first time ever, nice start and true she is a beautiful girl.I booked he'd for 8 hrs because I felt like the company, I am not that old and an ok looking guy. I had the impression and it was true the idea was to make me cum and stop.i wasn't wrong lol. After pushing myself to cum cim as written in her profile she jumped up went to the bath to spit it out and I find that normal only think that wasn't normal was she left me with my dick in my hand lol while she had a shower etc no word. When you pay for 8 hrs you think, hey come have a shower with me etc etc then like finished jumped into bed on you telephone etc lol. OK some guys reading this will go wtf you got a shot off bla bla bla listen I am a nice guy maybe to nice lol but a wise word, when your paying for any service in any business and your paying high rates you expect a service. In the end I wS pissed I told her she could go home I didn't feel any physical attraction after that. Do I payed 8 hrs for less that one hr. Again attractive girl but please save your money for someone that makes you feel special for the amount of money you pay. My recommendation waste of money even if the other reviews so she's OK my advice is there 100 girls take one that wants to do right for you money. Trust me I feel sad to write the review but for my first time ever, I will never probably never use one again well at least her. My non bias opinion, take someone else that's wants to be there, because from the min she walked in the door she wasn't with me, is that what you want? Do believe everything you read before my review ok mine is honest and real ok. But I all honesty, will she give a shit? Lol no not at all she made 6500 for one hr of not even hard work lol so she will be the same the next time out. So good luck if you don't believe and follow loooool. Honest review🤐🤐🤐🤐
November 2017
The only reason that I returned to Bangkok this fall was to see Bobby. And as usual I was not disappointed — we had the most delightful two days together. Anyone who is even remotely considering booking Bobby should retain her for a minimum of 24 hours. There is absolutely no way one could enjoy all her charms in a lesser time frame. She is a high class escort and companion who should be treated accordingly. To book her for a shorter time frame does her a disservice, but more important, would deprive you of her charm, talent, good nature, honesty, and incredibly sweet smile. The pictures of her are somewhat accurate as they have caught her in one of her playful moods. She is actually much more attractive and stylish than the photographs reflect. I will be traveling for several weeks starting soon, but when I return to Bangkok on my journey home the first call I’m making is to Bobby.
November 2017
Bobby tells me the photos she uses on Smooci are at least two years old. That means she's gotten even prettier over the years! She is far more lovely in person than those photos convey. Bobby is a very enthusiastic lover, which combined with her looks has made her instantly one of my all time favorites. Her true smile is genuine and invigorating, unlike the pouty stuff she puts on in her pics. What a shame! Definitely gives her a girl next door feel. She does have a boob job, but it's fairly well done and not excessive. Truly an enhancement of her charms rather than a back breaking monstrosity. (But hey, monstrosities are okay some times.) Her BBBJ is quite good, with plenty of tongue action and attention to the gnarly twins. And eye contact! I swear, she was nearing Porn Star Experience with those eyes. She very rarely broke contact or looked distracted (and I'm a slow starter so I expect some distraction after the 1st hour with even the best). She's a good kisser, but has that typical bamboo shoot breath. Just as I'm sure I had that typical rotting animal carcass scent that Asians find so endearing about I shouldn't complain. And she tastes great! I truly enjoy DATY, but it's rare to find someone who'll actually relax and let you get into it. Even though she couldn't go through with the A-level stuff (and I need to stop asking, because I'm getting older and wrinklier but not any smaller) she still brought so much to the table that I easily forgave that. Looking forward to next time already!
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