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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.3
Agency Bangkok Dreams
Agency Rating 4.5
Gender Female
Measurements 34B-36-26
Age 29 years old
Height 163 cm
Body Type Slim
Spoken languages English (Basic), Korean (Basic)
Likes BBBJ COB DATY DFK DT Guide Massage
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Duration Price Shots
1h 3,000 THB 1
2h 3,750 THB 2
3h 4,500 THB 2
4h 5,250 THB 2
6h 6,000 THB 2
8h 6,750 THB 3
10h 7,500 THB 3
12h 7,875 THB 3
15h 8,250 THB 3
24h 9,000 THB 4
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


December 2022
Reading the reviews about others' experiences with Molly were very useful for me to understand her a bit so I'm happy to contribute. Sorry for the long read but I think to have a nice time with Molly it pays off to be prepared what to expect. I had another girl booked for three hours but this was cancelled last-minute, so then I saw Molly online and available on short notice for two hours so I booked her, despite her receiving a 1-star rating just before ("horrible bitch from hell") - more about that later. She was a few minutes late but this was no problem at all, as said it was a last-minute booking and I'm happy that she could come over on such short notice, she kept me updated by sms & whatsapp. When meeting her she was a bit shy and reserved as was to be expected, but I suggested to walk to a wine shop 5 minutes from my apartment to go buy a bottle of red wine (thank you again other reviewers), we started chatting and she soon appeared to be much more comfortable. I asked her about the 1-star review she had just received, and she told me she had just met a completely drugged up customer and left, and was still a bit shocked because of that. Anybody reading this who's into chemsex: don't be surprised if an unsuspecting escort runs off, I've heard horrible stories from several other girls on Smooci. We had a nice time in the apartment, she is very chatty once she feels a bit more comfortable. We had some wine, talked about traveling (we have both visited South Korea which she likes a lot), music (she sang a few lines and is incredibly cute when doing this), showed eachother some pictures etc., very nice and easy time. She was not really flirty and not touchy, I put my arm around her a few times but she did not really respond, maybe she's not into this much, maybe I'm not her type (no offense) or maybe she was still a bit shocked by her previous experience. Unfortunately time ran out quite quickly, and about 20 minutes before time was up I mentioned it might be good to go have a shower together. I was only planning to go for 1 shot with her anyway, but in that case take a bit more time, and proposed to extend her booking by an hour, but this was not possible even though she had no other bookings afterwards, according to her her agency does not allow it. I fell that if I wouldn't have interupted the conversation and notify her about the time running out our encounter would have suddenly ended without any sex. So sadly the sex part of the encounter turned out to be a fast shower and then a quicky, not what I had hoped for. It was still enjoyable though, she complained that she had gotten fat (she is not as skinny as in the pictures) but she doesn't have a kilo to much on her, a body type that doesn't make you turn your head when she walks past you in the street but very attractive when I saw her undressed, perfect shape, nice skin, beautiful natural firm boobs. Her face is quite like in the pictures but slightly older (still young! 28 yo could be true) and a bit softer (might be because she's less skinny, I think she's more beautiful this way), naturally attractive, the way she wears her hair is very cute. In bed she was not shy at all, quite a sudden contrast, she did not want to kiss or DATY, but started a very good BBBJ straight away, then very skilled sex in which she moved fast, moaned softly, and proposed to change position frequently. I could have enjoyed it for a lot longer but unfortunately it had to be a quicky, not even a cuddle afterwards. So all in all not 100% perfect, but still 5 stars. Why? Because she's a sweet, beautiful and interesting girl that does not deserve 1-star ratings from idiots. I would not hesitate to book her again if I had the chance, and think a second encounter would go smoother now that I know her and her ways a bit better.
November 2022
She’s very cute, especially her quizzical expressions when she hasn’t quite understood what you just told her. She takes a little while to warm up, so it helps to lead a little, but slowly. Getting her to pick the playlist might be a good idea. She has good taste in music and becomes far more carefree when singing along. As far as appearance, she isn’t as skinny in the photos. She has nice breasts and nipples (but they’re a little sensitive). Her hairstyle is now a dyed ponytail. She performs well on top and has more stamina than I would have expected. Even in pronebone and doggy, she manages to match the rhythm and be very active. Her BJ was ok, but her tonsillitis was giving her issues. Her HJ was surprisingly effective. Some gentle clit stroking is a good idea too. She definitely has the first girlfriend vibes, which is something I love, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. My only criticism is that see seemed too eager to leave after the second shot even though we still had 30 mins left.
October 2022
Apart from being friendly when I first came into the room, the other behaviors are very bad. I can't touch her when I sleep. When I sit next to her, she will want to keep a distance from me, which makes me very uncomfortable. I don't have any unreasonableness. I only hope that she can accompany me like my girlfriend, but all her actions make me feel that she is not suitable. Even if I want to go shopping with her, she gives a lot of opinions to show that she does not want to go out. It makes me very unhappy, I only have sex with her once, I am worried that if I continue to ask her to do anything, she will start to be unhappy again, a person with a very bad temper, very not recommended
July 2019
This is my first time using this site. I was scared by the bad reviews I read that Molly might be extremely bad tempered or completely different from her pictures. This review is going to be one of the most honest ones out there. To be real, Molly's complexion is not as fair as it looks in the photos. She looks a lot prettier in the photos. But that is mainly because of her skin complexion. But she definitely looks like the same girl and she actually looks younger than her age like she is 23 not 25. There were some unexpected things. Her voice was very feminine and friendly. She is so much more friendlier than she looks in her model photos. The way she talks she is like one of your cute but shy girlfriends. I enjoyed being intimate with her. She tries so hard above and beyond to make the experience worthwhile for you. Unfortunately I called her up in the evening and was too tired to do too much with her after the first shot. I really enjoyed talking to her. She knows quite a bit of Korean and her English is proficient. Her Korean is really cute. 고마워~^^ Btw she likes red wine. I offered her some of my beers but I suggest you get some wine. Molly was very kind and sweet. I have not met anyone this nice amd friendly like genuinely in this entire business. I know you guys want to get a nut but be gentle with her. She's a little angel. Please treat her like a gentleman. I'm sorry I woke you up in the morning Molly. I hope you make enough money to continue your university. Thank you for a great time and hopefully we can meet again under different circumstances. Guys I never thought I was going to write a review but I really did it beause Molly has awesome character. Shes such a sweet person. I think most girls hate this job and some of them take it out by having attitude problems towards us you know. But Molly really treated me like a friend or a guest. Thank you Molly!
April 2019
Great girl, very innocent looking. The pictures have modified faces but the body is similar. She is 100% thai and natural. She has some tattoos on her back as other reviewers mentioned. She is very ticklish so you have to be careful where you touch. She will use lube and her own condom for the encounter as well Don't try to finger her because she really doesn't like it. As other reviewers mentioned, she only does 1S and she enjoys to talk or listen to music until the time is up. If you are only in it for the sex then don't book her, she is more of a GFE. She has a small mouth so she will only play with the head of your penis if you want her to suck you off. She doesn't do DFK, I think her agency listed that as a thing. Her English is very limited, very limited korean as well.
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