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Unfortunately Noey is not online right now.
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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.2
Agency Bangkok Dreams
Agency Rating 4.5
Gender Female
Measurements 34B-33-25
Age 25 years old
Height 152 cm
Body Type Slim
Spoken languages None
Likes COB Couples DFK
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Noey is not online right now.
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Duration Price Shots
1h 3,000 THB 1
2h 3,750 THB 2
3h 4,500 THB 2
4h 5,250 THB 2
6h 6,000 THB 2
8h 6,750 THB 3
10h 7,500 THB 3
12h 7,875 THB 3
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


May 2019
This might be an unusual review. BTW, I'll state up front it's a 5. No matter one's reason for booking Noey, most would be perfectly happy merely to have had the chance to spend time with her. Her English is great, nearly without accent. She's quite intelligent. She is doing a job, but her personal strength and personality immediately show through when you speak with her. One cannot help but be impressed. I could meet her a dozen times, not engage in any of the activities for which one generally books, and be absolutely content with what she delivers. She is that appealing as a person. Sweet, hug-able, endearing. Yes, her images are accurate, though I would say she is more attractive in person. She is in great shape, immaculately clean, has flawless skin....but all of that is secondary to the fact that she is just plain fun to be around. I did not expect to be so taken. Those in search of raw passion might be well advised to look elsewhere, but anyone who is enamored of intelligence, an engaging personality, sense of humor, good talk, and likes all of that enhanced by a truly beautiful young woman, should consider booking her. I will book her again, and if we merely chat, drink wine, and she fills me in on her career and life progression, I will be perfectly happy.
March 2019
I am a little disappointed in my date with Noey. She did not do bbbj. She did not ask me to shower, if there was an issue. Other activity was very enjoyable. 8/10 I enjoyed my date night with her in the city. We had great conversations. She gave me a great experience. We went around to different places that I probably would have never gone to without her. That experience was 10/10 During sleeping time. I wanted to cuddle with her only. She allowed me for about 5 minutes. She did not say anything, but moved her body around, to prevent me from hugging/holding her. 3/10 In the morning, she asked to leave early. She stated that she had school to go to by 1230pm. She stated that it will take her about 1.5 hours to get home. And then another 1 hr to school. And that she did not like getting rushed. So I let her leave early at 7am I paid for the whole 15 hours. And 3 shots. If she had school function to go to. She should not be allowed to be booked for 15 hours. If she has prior commitments I understand. She did tell me last night that she had class at 2pm. Less time should have been told to me. Or I should only be allowed to book less time for her. She complained that she only slept 6 hours. I slept less than that, she woke me up and said I was snoring and she could not sleep. So I stayed up so she can sleep. I asked if we could do another session before she goes at around 645am, She at first said no, but then said yes. And informed me that I had to do all the work and be fast. Cause she was tired had to go or she would be late. 1/10 I personally booked her because of the amazing date that I had with someone else from your agency, a few days ago. So I hope to continue the experience that I had. With her stating that she had to leave quite abruptly. And not stating that she had to leave early last night when we got home. Only when she "woke up" from her alarm. Which she was very fast to do. I should have paid for 8 hours. And she could have left for home right after our regular date. At midnight. Over she is a lovely girl and fun to be around and amazing when she is "not tired". However I am overall a quite disappointed of date because of the morning incident. Overall 7/10.
December 2018
Very disappointing!!! She arrived at my hotel. Tiny yes. Face, close to the pictures, but more chubby. Body, not at all as skinny as she looks on the pictures. Also, she seems to like working out everyday. Her legs were not so femine anymore I felt. What was even worse is that she asked to have 2-3 hours in between off so she could do an errand. She mentioned she said that already to her agency and they apparently had said to discuss with me. All in all a shitty start of what I had hoped to be a nice 24 hours with a sexy girl. I then decided to cancel my time with her. We just got off on a wrong start and I did not trust that she would 'only' be gone for 2-3 hours in between. If you like a confident and English well-spoken girl and like them a bit more chubby yet firm, doing daily workouts with weights, then I think this might be the girl for you. I like them slim and firm, and more reliable and not just being taken for granted, so not for me.
June 2018
Noey was anxious to get me off. She started right in as soon as she came through the door. No deep French kissing. She undressed me right away and commented on how big my penis is. Once she sucked a little bit she mounted me and whined over and over about how much pain she was in due to my large penis. No change of positions would help and she acted like she was on the verge of crying the whole time. Despite this, she is very pretty and very desirable and I was able to climax in spite of the restricted movement placed upon me so I would not hurt her. Following coitus, we showered. Normally I expect to shower before sex. Anyway, once she was out of the shower she spent the next 30 minutes curling her hair. It was lovely when she was done but I could not help but think she could have done that prior to coming to my hotel. She then offered to give me a massage. I am not kidding when I say it was probably the worst massage I have ever had. I told her she was a horrible masseuse and she agreed that she is lazy. She was happy to have me massage her though. Finally, I asked if she was ready to go. My two hours was not up yet so she said it was up to me. I escorted her to the elevator and thus concluded the encounter.
November 2017
Never again. In 5 years cannot say that less effort was ever given by a "service" provider. Factoring for tiredness, bad day / bad mood, its a tough job, whatever - if she were not purposefully doing the absolute minimum to just get by and not provoke her clients to anger, it sure seemed like it. Every person is different and every encounter is a total crap shoot. One time could be mind bogglingly good and the next might just leave you scratching your head wondering how or why unnecessarily bad things were . The idea that the same effort spent to spoil a mediocre experience for no reason were just applied to, who knows?, maybe *not* jerking someone around who does not deserve it is surely lost to her. Do you want to spend time with the 1st prize winner of the "who the frick do you think you are?" contest? No, thank you. Next!
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