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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.6
Agency Thai Escorts Bangkok
Agency Rating 4.6
Gender Female
Measurements 34C-37-28
Age 27 years old
Height 170 cm
Body Type Average
Spoken languages English (Basic)
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Duration Price Shots
1h 3,000 THB 1
2h 3,750 THB 2
3h 4,500 THB 2
4h 5,250 THB 2
6h 6,000 THB 2
8h 6,750 THB 3
10h 7,500 THB 3
12h 7,875 THB 3
15h 8,250 THB 3
24h 9,000 THB 4
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


May 2022
I have had previous bookings with this lady. She generally looks like the photos although they are a little photoshopped (always the case, in my experience). She arrived early and was polite and well-behaved. Physically, the experience was good and she does everything listed in her profile. Overall, she is friendly, even-tempered and very easy to deal with and so your interaction will be positive. Would I repeat? Yes, I think so. There is a lot to be said for a pleasant experience that is guaranteed. The only small drawback is that she has been very busy lately (by her own admission) and over time, that wears people out. She is a bit… “tired”, even though she is only 25. Of course, that is probably true of many ladies on this website.
December 2021
I had a 12 hour booking with this lady. I have had a number of other bookings through Smooci. Physically, she does look different than the photos in that she seems taller (almost 5’8’’) and is darker, and is also less small in shape than the photos would suggest. Initially, I thought she was fantastic but later in the evening, she seemed to get tired and express disinterest (hence the 4 stars instead of 5). Overall, I was happy and would repeat for a shorter booking (ex. 3-4 hours). She is a sincere and natural girl. She is multi-orgasmic and Loves DATY so I think that is a real bonus if you enjoy that sexually. I was happy with her overall, but in terms of longevity, I’m not sure she would be the perfect candidate. Would I repeat? Perhaps, but for a shorter booking.
August 2020
She is really more cute than in photos. Looks a bit different and you would probably not realize it's her if you didn't know. But definitely more cute. Looks young and has a perfect body. For those loving Asian girl eyes - she has exactly that cute Asian eyes type. Massage was great, strong enough and relaxing. BBBJ decent, CIM wasn't done though and that was one of the reasons I have chosen her :( my only disappointment. Standard sex was decent as well, I managed to finish for the second time in a condom which is pretty rare for me. More on the PSE side though, I would rather prefer more GFE and more natural reaction. Overall I cannot rate her less than 5 stars even though I didn't get exactly what I wanted service-wise, because she's very cute (matches my taste) and tried to do her best, never hurried or checked her phone. For those looking for a CIM you should probably look elsewhere though.
June 2020
“And I know she’ll be the death of me, at least we’ll both be numb…” --- The Weekend Gerd… As the young beauty who has twice graced my bed this week, lies sleeping -- either the sleep of the just, or just the multi-orgasmic -- I have this quiet moment to reflect on what a joy her mere presence in this suite is. She truly is a sensory overloading bundle of feminine perfection, from the moment she bubbles through the door, to the playful banter over a drink, to the breath-stealing moment she exits the bathroom sporting my favorite cosplay costume (the naughty school girl), to the exquisite moment when it drops to a crumpled heap by the bed and I have one of those rare moments to be consciously grateful for the gift of sight. And soon that is followed by equally heightened appreciation of all the other senses we take for granted until, I would imagine, we lose them, or much more happily, I find myself with the pleasure of giving her a massage. Yes, it is a pleasure to receive a massage, but I’m quite certain mine was the greater pleasure and it led to, with her permission, a quite extended satisfaction of my various oral desires. I’ve heard that nothing makes a man feel better than putting a smile on a pretty girl’s face. That may be only partly true, for as nice as the feeling of being responsible for her lovely smile is, the kind of smile that brightens up the whole room, it does not quite compare to the feeling of being responsible for the moans, squeaks, and squeals that lead to her multi-orgasmic cries of pleasure that quite literally come flooding forth. Rarely, perhaps never, have I encountered a woman with a more sexually responsive body. In fact, it seems that her whole body, every part of that gorgeous pleasure-scape, every finger and toe is an erogenous zone so easily stimulated orally and manually. Now that she is gone, my only regret is that her having had at least three orgasms orally and as many again doggy style, and us getting a late state, meant that she soon fell, with my contented understanding, into a deep sleep that lasted until it was time for her to leave early this morning. I will have to organize our next encounter in such a way that we don’t orgasm our session to an effectively shorter time. I desired her even more as she awoke, but alas, our time was up. See you again very soon dear…
March 2020
From the first few moments of meeting, Gerd was delightful. Good eye contact and she was “in the moment” with the conversation, not off thinking about something else. Very attentive. I felt like I had know her for a long time, as a friend, not distant or aloof. It was a real GF experience. She was interested in myself but not prying. Gerd accommodated all requests without hesitation and with enthusiasm and vigor. Physically beautiful with smooth brown skin and no defects. Not aggressive but not shy either. Very feminine. Very sweet yet very sexy woman. A keeper. I would definitely see Gerd again & again. Been with several women from variety of services and she is perhaps the best. Really enjoyed her company. I hated to see her go when time was finished.
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Gerd – ♥️ I can make you feel good all day long. Honey
2 weeks ago
♥️ I can make you feel good all day long. Honey
Gerd – let's have fun 😋
1 month ago
let's have fun 😋
Gerd – Are you ready 🤫😍😍😘
1 year ago
Are you ready 🤫😍😍😘
Gerd – 😘.
1 year ago
Gerd – Hi
1 year ago