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Unfortunately Camilla Escalona is not online right now.
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City Manila
Model Rating 5.0
Agency Independent
Gender Female
Measurements 32A-32-24
Age 26 years old
Height 153 cm
Body Type Athletic
Spoken languages English (Fluent)
Services COB DATY DFK Guide
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Camilla Escalona is not online right now.
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Duration Price Premium price Shots
1h 8,500 PHP 8,300 PHP 1 Premium only
2h 9,500 PHP 9,300 PHP 1
3h 11,000 PHP 10,800 PHP 2
4h 12,500 PHP 12,200 PHP 3
6h 14,000 PHP 13,700 PHP 4
8h 18,500 PHP 18,200 PHP 4
10h 21,500 PHP 21,100 PHP 5
12h 24,500 PHP 24,100 PHP 6
15h 30,000 PHP 29,600 PHP 6
24h 35,000 PHP 34,500 PHP 8
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About me

I’m an athletic little island girl who has always thrived in the raw power of the ocean - my glistening eyes capture the sun, while my skin glows bronze under its golden rays. Come, indulge in my presence, and escape this chaotic urban jungle. Lull your thoughts. I will be your safe space. Let’s talk about anything or nothing and share a quiet time in each other’s arms. P.S.: Advanced booking, screening, and deposit required. Incall in Makati is available too.


May 2022
I saw Camilla sitting alone at a hotel bar when I decided to approach her. I already had my eyes on her as she walked through the door. She walks like she owns the very ground she steps on and is quite a head turner. She was waiting for another date at the time but she gladly gave me her card. She has a stringent screening process and requires a deposit, which I truly appreciate and admire because to me, that means she values her time and energy enough to not just let anybody have access to it. I was lucky enough to be able to schedule a date just a few days after I first met her. She looked even better with a sexy white top that showed just enough skin; a very classy and well-mannered lady. We enjoyed a few bottles of wine in Makati before I brought her to my place. She's young but she can converse at the same level as I, a man in my mid-40s. We ended up talking for a few more hours with a few more glasses of wine, which led to a passionate night. I have never been in a date with a companion like her. It all felt natural and like there wasn't any time limits. She brought me back to my 20s and I will always be grateful for the experience. She is the kind of woman that I will gladly fly out to wherever I am, just so I can spend more time with her. She's that special.
January 2022
I've seen Camilla many many times before but I never got around to leaving a review until today. Our relationship has grown into a companionship where I take her out for normal lunch or shopping dates. I find it quite difficult/rare to connect with people the way I have with her but I've always found comfort in her presence to the point where I've divulged certain things that I wouldn't normally share to others. I can actually say that our recent experiences together are even better than when I was only looking for a woman to bed to escape. As time went on I've found that as unbelievably great she is in bed, she is even sexier with her clothes on and that her understanding of certain things is what takes her a notch above some of the women I've been with, professional or not. I wish her the best and hope that she is only treated well if not better, as she deserves. Thank you so much sweet Camilla.
November 2021
I finally got to see Camilla after months of trying! I took her out for a dinner date in Makati. As we entered the restaurant, she walked a few steps ahead of me and I noticed how people would turn their heads to look at her whenever she passed by them. She was perfect and I never felt awkward around her since she could really carry a conversation. I loved how straightforward she was and unafraid to express her opinions while also being a good listener. It was refreshing to finally find someone who wasn't just there to agree on everything I said. A woman with true confidence indeed. She has good taste in food too and isn't like other girls I've been with who try to eat as little as possible. She was polite to all the staff which is always a big plus for me. I took her back to my hotel after that and I must say, it was like getting another serving of dessert. She has the most perfect proportions that I have ever seen and so incredibly toned. A real GFE that throughout our time together, I sometimes I forgot that I met her through this website. I will definitely see her again. Planning ahead would be best as her schedule is always packed.
September 2021
As news broke of restaurants opening their doors to diners again, I contacted Camilla right away for a date. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time, so I had to undergo her screening process. At first, I was taken aback, but knowing this woman and from reading all her reviews, I believe she’s smart and can be trusted. I gave her everything she needed with no questions asked, and my booking request got confirmed! I was so excited as I remember how we once shared the same love for food. She arrived at the restaurant stunning as ever. She hugged me with such warmth, and she wore a light scent that brought back memories of our first time together. She even remembers our old conversations. Many laughs were shared throughout lunch. We drove back to my home and shared a bottle of wine while I admired her physique. She tastes just as sweet as I remember and even tighter. She puts me in a trance where I never want to stop being inside of her. There is a sense of comfort in her presence where I feel like I can relax and be my most authentic self, something I have been missing in my daily life. Always grateful for the time I spend with Camilla.
August 2021
I booked a date with Camilla to unwind right before ECQ started in Manila. Even though it was really late and the weather was starting to get violent, she got to me confidently dressed and on time. She looks much younger than her age too. I popped open a bottle of wine which I let her choose and through that ice breaker moment, she showed how well-mannered and well-spoken she really is. I also liked how she knew what she wanted with wine. She's the only one I've met on Smooci whose "athletic" body description is true. She wore a skirt that showed her toned sunkissed legs that I couldn’t resist admiring as she spoke. All in all, her company is an experience in itself. I only booked her for an hour, but it just had to be extended to an overnight date filled with passion. There are a lot of things that I’d like type in here, but I think the best way for me to describe all the amazing things about this woman is to tell you to just book the date and see it for yourself.
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