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City Bangkok
Model Rating 3.9
Agency Independent
Gender Female
Measurements 40C-38-28
Age 23 years old
Height 155 cm
Body Type Curvy
Spoken languages English (Basic), Korean (Average)
Likes BBBJ COB Guide Massage
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Kafiw is not online right now.
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Duration Price Shots
1h 3,000 THB 1
2h 4,500 THB 3
3h 5,500 THB 4
4h 6,000 THB 4
6h 6,500 THB 5
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April 2023
Oh my, where do I start. First, her attitude was cold and distant. Like she really didnt want to be here and she were force to or something. That make me felt very uneasy. Second, I didnt even get a hug from her when she got to my door.The chemistry was way off. I felt like she hated me or something. Its not like Im really bad looking, Im keep in shape for a middle age man, my hygiene is immaculate and I treat the ladies with respect. Talking about hygiene, it seems like she has a problem with her lady parts because it smell pretty bad. The only good thing she had going for a bit was her BJ (hence the 2 star). However, it was rush and brief. Overall, I wouldnt want to see her again for free that alone pay for it again. Oh yeah, she also came unprepared (no condoms or gel). Like really? I think she should just quit doing this for a living and work at a 7eleven, clothing store and some other job. This lifestyle is not for her.
October 2022
I made a reservation for 2 hours from 1:30 to 3:30. We arrived 10 minutes early at 1:20 and left at 1:39. I said I'd give you a massage, but he barely moved. I paid 4000B for 3750B. I regret calling her more than money.I nominated her 3 years ago and gave her 5 stars. However, I will write it so as not to make other people feel uncomfortable. It's amazing that you can earn 4000B in 19 minutes. In my country, few people receive 3000B a day even if they work hard, and 4000B a day even at the supervisor level. Even in a life-threatening battlefield, the hourly wage is not that high. Are you sleepy? character? I don't know, but I feel like I'm earning only from my youth and luck. Not just late at night. I don't think it's work. very unhappy person. I won't call you anymore
August 2022
Firstly she arrived 35 min early and I was busy on a call so she had to wait for me to finish. She told me at 8:30 she will be leaving at 9 (but I booked her from 7:30-9:30? - why is it my issue she came too early?) Took her for dinner and couple drinks before going to my room. She is a nice girl but very dissatisfied with ‘alone time’. She was too ‘disinterested’. Sat on her phone and after me having to encourage her to get up and come to me, she looked really unhappy about the whole situation (god I have to get close to him, type of thing). I’m a good looking young guy, she isn’t even my type and below my standard, yet she looked very forced to come close to me. I get it, I’m a stranger and she doesn’t like this work, but don’t do it then. It wasn’t a good experience for me once we got to my room. No effort from her what so ever. I wouldn’t have paid her in full if I had my way. She wasn’t worth the money. I would appreciate a refund of 50% or I just won’t risk using this site again and I plan to be in Thiland till end of Aug. You decide. Thanks.
March 2020
Kafiw has a great body, soft natural breasts and a great ass. I was looking forward to this and booked 2 hours, 2 shots. Kafiw arrived near enough on time, wanted payment up front (I was expecting this based on reviews), we showered together. Then bed, played with her great breasts, some fingertip massage from me, good response from her and I was hopeful of a good session. No BBBJ, no kissing (wasn't expecting kissing despite being advertised). Sex was good but she obviously wanted me to finish early and I wanted to pace myself. I asked her how many shots (1 - I had paid for 2), how much more time (45 minutes, it was 1h 30 mins). Eventually she complained that she was tired before I had cum (only 15 minutes of time in bed). I left her to sleep (cute snores) and went back to my work. A great body, responsive and could be GFE material but if she's available for work she needs to be ready to work.
December 2019
This was my second time with Kafiw, and a little bit disappointing. I booked for 8 hours to allow time for dinner between extended bedroom sessions. She arrived a few minutes late, but that's normal with Bangkok traffic. After cuddling for a while, we booked dinner delivery, and then she spent some time playing with her phone, trying to fix a problem with ear buds. Ok, no big deal, we were just filling time before dinner and she did cuddle a bit too. But then she showed me a new phone she wants, and asked me to buy her as a gift (for 10,000 baht). I said no, but she continued to ask and it became quite annoying. After dinner, we moved to the bedroom. Seems like she is coming down with a sore throat or cold, so she was reluctant to do BJ. No other issues here, overall the session was very enjoyable. I came a couple of times, and she very clearly came as well. After we both finished, she asked to leave early because she was not feeling well, and I sent her home after 3 hours of the 8 hour session. Based purely on physical satisfaction I would rate her 5 stars but I have rated her down to 4 due to the nagging about the phone and the very early session finish. It could be argued that a lower rating is more accurate, but the sex was very good and I guess that is the main purpose after all.
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