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Unfortunately Yuri is not online right now.
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City Manila
Model Rating 4.9
Agency Independent
Gender Female
Measurements 34B-36-28
Age 26 years old
Height 165 cm
Body Type Slim
Spoken languages English (Fluent), Japanese (Basic), Spanish (Basic)
Services BBBJ CIM COB Couples DATY DFK DT Guide Lesbian Massage
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Yuri is not online right now.
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Duration Price Premium price Shots
1h 6,000 PHP 5,800 PHP 1 Premium only
2h 7,000 PHP 6,800 PHP 2
3h 9,000 PHP 8,800 PHP 2
4h 11,000 PHP 10,700 PHP 3
6h 13,000 PHP 12,700 PHP 4
8h 15,000 PHP 14,700 PHP Unlimited
10h 17,000 PHP 16,600 PHP Unlimited
12h 19,000 PHP 18,600 PHP Unlimited
15h 23,000 PHP 22,600 PHP Unlimited
24h 27,000 PHP 26,500 PHP Unlimited
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About me

Sweet, funny, smart & classy 😉 i aim to please, i will do my best to satisfy you (open for role plays&kinks) 😈 toys (add500) & costumes/lingerie, (add 1k) i wont give more pics but i assure you that i am not ugly & the body pictures posted is me 😘 pls pay for my fare (price depends on location). Thanks 😘 Provincial rate (alabang,bulacan,etc.) add 3k Threesome with your girl, additional 2k


January 2020
5/5 - OVERALL - She is an incredible woman that will give you an experience you will never forget. 5/5 - TIME - First and foremost, you'll instantly regret not booking the longest time you can fit into your schedule with her. Save yourself from experiencing this and book your max allotted time for your trip. You'll want to thank me after. 5/5 - CLEANLINESS - After a fun and genuine conversation over dinner, her admirable way to ensuring cleanliness and safety shows you that you are in safe hands. 5/5 - EXPERIENCE - Do yourself a favor and treat her like a potential significant other: make sure she is comfortable, treat her to dinner, treat her with respect and you'll be closer to making sure she's ready like you are. I'm not sure if it was since everything that led up to the moment happened perfectly, but once we connected (in bed), it felt like we were made for each other. The way she moved her perfect body with mine in every motion and position...the way she ensured I was comfortable and let me know she was too...the way she made me feel like I was the only man in the world and she was the only woman... that I was hers and she was mine...THIS was a true GFE, set my bar no one will ever reach, put her and I in many multiple moments of ecstasy that had her and I going back for more and definitely where this booking earned the comment "an experience I would never forget".
December 2019
This would be my third time booking her given that I was her first client. My first just a 2 hour session and felt addicted to her so I had her overnight for our 2nd session. I wasn’t able to give her reviews previously so here’s a quick one. Face : She’s prettier in person. Her eyes and lips are very appealing. She looks half japanese but she’s actually a pure Filipina. Body : Extremely sexy. Nice pair of juggs, and has very firm ass. Even though she already had a baby her pussy is as tight as a virgin’s, though it might’ve been because it was through cesarian, it left a scar but i didn’t mind. Her pussy will grip onto your dick like its gonna suck it entirely. Every inch of her body is really arousing, I can’t even get myself to stop touching her and kissing her all over. Hygiene : You wouldn’t smell anything foul from head to toe. She has her own vanity kit and will insist for a wash before and after the deed. Deed : Everything was phenomenal. The way she utilizes her tongue during blowjob and her hips during wot. She would even guide you to positions that will give maximum pleasure to both of you. She turned from your girlfriend kind of girl to a wild sex machine in an instant. What really got me was the missionary position while pressing her body against mine, her pussy will really grip you so tight that it will make you lose your mind and focus. Overall it was an experience of a lifetime. Remarks : I’m looking forward for another overnight session with her. She never fails to disappoint and even if its our third time together already, i still cant get enough of her.
November 2019
I was very nervous while waiting for her, but the moment she arrived, she greeted me with a smile and a hug which made me comfortable instantly, she is so cute and she looks very classy with the way she dress. We started with a little chitchat and i can say that she is very funny and smart, i really enjoyed talking to her, after that we freshen up, she kissed me while we r still in the bathroom while going straight to bed, she is a very good kisser, her kiss alone made me so hard and horny, i started touching her clit while we're kissing, when she got wet, i ate her and wow, no foul smell, her pussy is so fluffy&plump it feels so good to just shove my face in between, i ate her for a long time and she came twice, my dick was so hard from all those moans and wetness, i just couldnt wait to get inside her, i fucked her wet pussy and its so tight that i didnt last long, i usually last longer w other girls but i dont know wat happened that time, i was surprised, we washed up and rested after and she was so sweet cuddling me while we're resting, after a few minutes i got hard again from all the caressing that shes doing to me, she sucked my dick so good that i didnt get a chance to fuck her again bec i came in her mouth, writing this review and reminiscing what we did is giving me a hard on. It just feels so good and i gave her a big tip bec i was so satisfied and she deserves it. She was shocked and doesnt wanna accept it at first but i insisted haha! im setting another meeting with her next week. I cant wait!
November 2019
i was hoping to be her first client here on smooci but when i visited her profile there was already a long ass review from someone else, i was overwhelmed by the review, thinking “is this for real?!” it looks too good to be true and i just have to find it out for myself, and i can say that the first review didnt lie, when she entered the room i thought she looks like a model, she is tall for a filipina. she looks like she came out from a japanese porn video, i really her eyes, i thought she is hiding her face because she isnt good looking but i was wrong, she is very pretty in person like a goddess! we started the first round by her asking me to wash, she even gave me her special soap which smells like vanilla with musk, the smell made me horny, she asked me to lay down and she started kissing me from my lips down to my hard sword, i was worried about her blowjob bec i felt like i gonna cum very soon bec of that so i stopped her and ate her pussy, the first review was right, there isnt any foul smell , i really loved eating the hell out of her, after she came, i put on the condom and started fucking her, i went on a rampage and i didnt last long bec she was so tight, even the second round didnt last long because of her riding techniques, i love the way she moves her body while pumping my hard sword, i was just sad because i wanted to fuck her more and for a long time, after 2 rounds, i wanted more of her but the time is already up. so i will just book her again soon, thats for sure. thank you so much yuri for the great time. hugs and kisses. take care of her gents, shes a keeper
November 2019
A sneak peak of what heaven on earth feels like: I booked Miss Yuri from smooci given that she’s a fresh face on the website. Never did it crossed my mind that I am in for a great deal. a.) Face - Her provided picture is but a fragment of her real beauty. Her face alone can give you a boner right then and there. Her lips are that of a geisha and her eyes are so seductive that it’ll captivate you. b.) Body - Tall stature, firm ass, tight cunt and breasts that are a little bigger than what I can grasp. As an added bonus, eery inch of her body is so sensitive that it is really easy to hear those soft, high-pitched moans. c.) Hygiene - very and I mean very clean. She is extremely strict when it comes to hygiene. She’ll insist on washing and brushing before anything else and after every session. d.) Personality - very courteus and fun to be with. All you have to do is ask her day and she’ll lead you to a great conversation until you feel at ease and comfortable. e.) Deed - I’ll try my best to give you the details of my encounter with her. Here goes: - We started out with your typical washing and brushing, dunno if it was luck but it just so happens that she was really in the mood. She was teasing me the entire time, pressing her ass while washing, light kisses after brushing and so on. That really put me up on the mood and as soon as we got out, I asked her to lie down and ate the hell out of her. Her body is extremely sensitive and her moans will keep you going and would want to satisfy her even more. No smell, no anything, which any pussy eater would enjoy. After pleasing her and made her cum a couple of times, she was resolved to return the favor, and trust me when I say, she returned evwrything with interest. Her blowjob is by far the best I’ve ever had. The way she teases your thing and how she uses her tongue. From here on out you’ll catch a glimpse of heaven given by a succubus. After that out of this world blow job, she proceeded on riding me and here is where you’ll get addicted of her. Her pussy is so tight to the point that it strangles you’re thing so tight that you’d never want her to ever let go. And the moment the she moved her hips, damn, it was exhilirating. That tight gripping pussy would suck the life out of you while bathing your thing with her juices. But then again, I am not one to let her be the one in command, and as I retaliated with heavy thrust she actually squirted not once but thrice (though according to her is not an easy task and she even asked me if I was worried of the mess because she can adjust her restraint to avoid any mess) accompanied by those damn hot moans of her. And unlike any other girl i’ve had, she can still go on and on and on and on. You can try all the positions possible and she’ll still have the energy to go on all the while maintaining that juicy overflowing pussy of hers wet. Our booking can be summarized in 2 parts, wash and fuck. Time will fly by while doing it with her to the point that you’d wish you have her for another couple of hours. After the session I invited her to eat if her schedule was free, small talks and all. Everything was just too good to be true. I would highly recommend her, but a little word of advise, be gentle. I’m looking forward for my next schedule with her and will definitely be an overnight booking.
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