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Unfortunately Colina is not online right now.
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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.9
Agency EliteBangkokEscorts
Agency Rating 4.5
Gender Female
Measurements 36B-36-27
Age 30 years old
Height 153 cm
Body Type Average
Spoken languages English (Average)
Services BBBJ COB COF DATY DFK Guide Massage Rimming
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Colina is not online right now.
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Duration Price Premium price Shots
1h 2,500 THB 2,400 THB 1 Premium only
2h 3,000 THB 2,900 THB 2
3h 3,500 THB 3,400 THB 2
4h 4,000 THB 3,800 THB 2
6h 5,000 THB 4,800 THB 2
8h 5,500 THB 5,300 THB 3
10h 5,750 THB 5,450 THB 3
12h 6,000 THB 5,700 THB 3
15h 6,500 THB 6,200 THB 3
24h 7,000 THB 6,600 THB 4
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


December 2019
Firstly, let's face the reality. This is Bangkok smooci we're talking about - Bangkok is a wild, beautiful, vibrant city, filled with the pursuit of dreams. And many beautiful and hot women. And men like me. Well, not many men like me! But, every day we see there's the next big thing, a hot new girl in town. Then there will just be another hotter one appearing before the sun goes down. And yet. Colina still reigns supreme. Always punctual and never clock watching. Attitude, confidence and unselfishness breaks the mould. Incredibly funny, strong, smart, sexy. That ass to die for. She is also kind of crazy 😂 but in a good way! I don't like to tell stories of give intimate info out, I have a reputation to think of - a code. But she will make you feel young and alive again. Her powers are just extraordinary, I struggle to believe if she's really human or just someone I met in my dreams. Colina left my room about 5 mins ago now. And honestly? Right now with her gone... I've never felt so lonely, lying in this bed alone. Book her and she will give you the greatest hours of your whole life. She is truly and utterly that remarkable. If I ever find anyone else like Colina then I will know God created women to be superior to men. I would drop my normal life and move to Thailand tomorrow to marry her if she wanted me to.
December 2019
Stop. Just stop. There is no need to review and compare any more girls. This is it. Colina is as good as it gets. The greatest attitude and approach imaginable, which is worth its weight in gold in this game, where apathy is such an insurmountable problem. Actually, her mentality is better than you could ever imagine. So friendly and engaging, with that outrageous sense of humour, Colina's desire to please and satisfy in every way makes her the perfect woman. She is worth dying for. Believe me! I almost died out and about with her a year ago then again recently 🤣 - due to my inability to think clearly and pay attention when around her, yet here I am back again for more. I didn't think she could improve from a year ago, but I was so wrong. She is aging like a fine wine. Her English is even better now. So, yeah, it's like I said. Stop reviewing and comparing. Gentlemen, here is Colina. Her brains - immense. Her energy - limitless. Her attitude - flawless. Her soul - pure. Her heart - oh, her heart...ay dios mio ❤ Here is Colina - the best in the world. Score out of 5*? I would give her 7836352
February 2018
Colina doesn't like me using the term "unique". She thinks many girls in can do what she does, and she encourages her customers to try them because she feels it's unhealthy to be so fixated on her. Perhaps. But Colina is wrong. Maybe other girls can match and exceed her sexual skills. I know of only 5 so far that might. But nobody can deliver, in totality, what she offers. Colina is the kind of girl you wish you could bring home with you, to love and cherish forever. Sadly, she is very firm on the topic, and has a will of tempered steel and the volatility of a cornered wolverine if you try to change her mind. Her heart belongs only to her family, and if you cannot accept that then you will lose her. Colina can see inside you, and draw out the most embarassing confessions -- that completely liberate you in the end. What do you fantasize about when you fuck her? She asks. Little girls? Little boys? Your mother? A man? If you let go, she will make you feel freer than you've ever felt. She is psychiatrist and confessor...lover and dominatrix...innocent and profane. For the hours you've booked her, her entire will and body are bent around giving you pleasure, and you alone. Her phone, switched off. Her problems, not relevant. Her story, not your business. Skills wise, her BBBJ is even better than before. Her tongue techniques have expanded. She still skillfully blends mouth, lips, and hands into an incredibly smooth orchestration that defies description. Glans, shaft, balls, perineum, anus (she does *true* rimming, but perhaps not my dish) she spends time on them all. And the eye contact! Nothing is quite as beautiful as seeing her sultry eyes, consumed with lust, bore deeply into your own. If you allow her, Colina can take over an entire session and perform all the work admirably. From BBBJ into cowgirl into reverse cowgirl...she could definitely improve even further. Her hip action is fabulous, but could be refined even further. Reverse cowgirl breaks the bonding contact with her eyes, face, and breasts -- so she could also stand to spice that up more with more audio cues and some slow motion grinding. But we're talking refinements on a strong 9 for most of her skills. 10 for her BBBJ - perfect execution there. An 8 for reverse cowgirl perhaps. It total, a perfect 5.0 is well deserved. Did I mention she never begs for a 5 star rating? Almost all other girls do, but not Colina. She is as honest as she is amazingly skilled.
December 2017
Based my booking off other customer reviews, which proved to be just as wrong as the details on Colina. Firstly, don't get me wrong, lovely girl, bubbly attitude and tried hard to please. Secondly, she is not 27 and these images are photoshoped a lot. She is about 10kg heavier in person, and sorry Colina, not a very amazing body. Soft titties, but gravity is dragging them down with her belly fat and unfit body. When she arrived the first thing she said is, sorry I not look like my photos.... So just a heads up fella, prepare to be disappointed if you think you're booking what others have said or what the images and details show. She also mentioned she is nervous and new at this game, which proved in the bedroom skills. She claims she can't give hand jobs, I no good mister.... Really! Give her credit, lays on her back and takes it but what about giving it. Got a bbbj - which was honestly, nothing amazing, really don't know why other customer thought it was amazing. Far from it! But all in all, nice girl trying her hardest to make some money but please update the profile, you claim this website is not misleading but this proved to be typical Thai bullshit as always. Your business would boom if you were more honest about the girls. Honestly most men wouldnt care if there not as attractive as the photos, or as skinny. Not like the customers are sex gods and models themselves. All in all it was a fair service, like I said a nice girl, interested and try's hard.
December 2017
I booked Colina for a full 24 hour session, then immediately booked her for another 24 hours because I was having just too much fun! First off, as others have noted Colina is *on time* to appointments, which is nothing short of miraculous in this industry. Secondly, she leaves whatever problems or stress she has behind when she meets a customer. She's professional from the moment you answer the doorbell - all smiles, laughter, and warm companionship. Half the the girls I've booked show up half asleep or otherwise drag some baggage along with them and air them out during our session. Not so with Colina! Colina is a tiny girl, who comes up to your chest, but she packs a lot of muscle from her frequent trips back to the family farm to help with chores and harvests. As a result, she has one of the roundest, most delightfully squeezable and smackable asses I have ever seen. I've only ever seen a butt that good on a serious female weightlifter. Breasts are all natural, and hang very nicely. Colina has beautiful large areolae that increases further in size as she gets excited. In terms of skills, I'll have to say that the better you treat Colina, the more you'll see of her impressive sexual arsenal. If you think her BBBJ skills are awesome, wait until you book her for a day, treat her well, and you'll be in for quite a ride. Colina has broken the mold here on Smooci. Her amazing 4.9 average rating is well deserved, and sets a stellarly high standard for other girls to try to live up to. I sincerely doubt anyone else will come even close. Ah yes, English skills are *far* beyond average. You will certainly enjoy your conversations.
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