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Unfortunately Livia is not online right now.
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City Bangkok
Model Rating 4.8
Agency BKKMassage
Agency Rating 4.5
Gender Female
Measurements 34B-34-24
Age 31 years old
Height 150 cm
Body Type Slim
Spoken languages English (Average)
Services BBBJ COB COF DFK Guide Massage
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Livia is not online right now.
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Duration Price Premium price Shots
1h 2,000 THB 1,900 THB 1 Premium only
2h 3,000 THB 2,900 THB 1
3h 4,000 THB 3,900 THB 2
4h 5,000 THB 4,800 THB 2
6h 6,000 THB 5,800 THB 3
8h 7,000 THB 6,800 THB 3
10h 8,000 THB 7,700 THB 3
12h 8,500 THB 8,200 THB 3
15h 9,000 THB 8,700 THB 3
24h 10,000 THB 9,600 THB 4
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


July 2019
Had a lovely time with livia for a first time with a Thai lady I was bit nervous as been a good while since I had sex .. she was very understanding and made me feel comfortable had a nice shower together and a good couple of hours of fun . She uses her tongue great on your body before moving down to give an awesome blow job .. considering how tiny she is she managed to ride my 8 inch and took it all in even when squatting on it was very tight made me cum just with the smile on her face .. seeing her tight arse while I did her doggy and playing with her gorgeous nipples was just perfect.. Thai massage which was amazing cuddling and talking about each other’s life’s her English is very good even though she didn’t think so but we chatted lots .. so honestly you need to book the girl great body is very tiny and very sexy gorgeous smile it’s a no brainier .. highly recommended thankyou livia for the memory x
June 2019
Greetings, I had my first session with Livia tonight. I only booked her for one hour as I was not sure what else I would get out of her for the extra hour. Prior reviews stated she was good at massage, but economically, I figured I'd likely get a better massage at a real massage parlor for half the price. So, I passed. She arrived right on time. I'd showered just before her arrival to maximize time. She showered upon arrival and came out in a towel. The towel was dropped after about 2 minutes and a short kiss and her body was better than I imagined. She quickly helped me dispense of my clothes and suggested we adjurn to the bedroom. She commenced with BBBJ. Service was good. Sex with condom followed. Loved her little body, literally! Great little spinner. Not likely 27 years old as the cross feet will tell you, but her body was equal to an 18 year old. No fat anywhere, tight bottom. Overall a wonderful experience and I would not hesitate to revisit if I wasn't such a whoredog putting notches on my belt. So much selection here to stock with one, I mean, if I wanted a wife I'd get married. Anyway, if you don't mind the fact that she's older than her profile give her a spin. She's a great plaything and I'm glad I didn't pass up the opportunity.
February 2019
I am on a search for the best girl on Smooci and guys let me be straight up honest with you......Liv just might be it. Now check out my reasoning and tell me if I'm wrong...... First of all she is one of the few chicks better looking than her pics... I remember she is sexier than her pics every time I book her but I am still surprised how tiny and sexy she is when we meet up. Her pics are really bad (Liv if you are reading this, update them regularly PLEASE it helps guys to know you are legit. A great example of this tactic is Ketty she has bomb ass pics and changes them all the time. Also girls should use more selfies than studio pics, studio ones are a big warning to expect a bait and switch) Back to the actual review, to be fair she IS a little older but not hella old and has lost some of the "baby fat" in the pics (which is good or bad depending on your thing) her hair is grown out and dark like in the one close up pic (which is her most recent one of all of them) Another plus is she always wears VERY sexy bra and panties (as per my request at booking) She's also very polite, (old school Thai style) She's also always on time, and doesn't clock watch. (or look at her phone) She does EVERYTHING as advertised (and then some if you are vibing together) hits numerous positions like a little porn star, and legitimately seems to love her work (sex, if you didn't get that)...... AND if this isn't enough to get her the number one slot here's the kicker....she is 1/3 cheaper than pretty much ALL of those other chicks who provide FAR less!!! (for her 1 hour rate) I've said this before, I hate to even review her because I know it will either make it harder to book her, or eventually, spike her rate up, but I owe it to her and the system to always give honest feedback. Without the honest feedback we the customers will never know if we should book a girl or not. We have all gotten the "old pic" bait and switch, had to overlook an extra ten pounds because she was already there, ignored baby damage, and even worse put up with girls who have a bad attitude and don't provide the basic services they advertise. The only way to combat this is with honest reviews. Please guys don't just give every girl you order five stars and say she's the "best ever" if that's true, tell us why? Break that shit down hommie or else what you find endearing another punter might think is annoying.... As it stands the only real reviews I trust are the bad ones because other than she looked older than her pics in a couple of reviews most guys seem to think every chick on Smooci has a magic pussy and provided the "best GFE ever" What the fuck does that even mean? Did she hold your hand and cook for you? Or nag you to pick up your clothes? (like my white GF back home does) Give us some details guys. If you say she gave BBBJ thats great to know, but kinda expected because she has it listed in the services. It would be far more interesting and informative if you said she deep throated or worked the tip more or was kinda "handsy" did she do it before? after ala CIM? in the middle between transitions? Did she spit or swallow? So my detailed rating of Liv: Looks- 8/10 (slightly older than pics but still tiny and sexy, she isn't classically "pretty" so I won't give her a 10 but she is sexy and has a bomb little body.) English-4/10 (Her English isn't great but I like that when she's into it she talks dirty in English during sex. She must have had a prior Falang BF who taught her that and she does it in the heat of the moment. Imagine my surprise when a girl who speaks only a little English says "I love your cock" while fucking. I'm not complaining, mind you, but I was surprised) Body-9/10 (no baby damage, tight, and tiny, partially shaved, nice pedicure, clean, smells good, tits might be slightly enhanced or just the perfect size for her build) Moves 10/10 (I know I asked in Keaw's is anyone really a 10? Fuck me if Liv isn't I don't know who is? OK maybe Colina rocks it as good (in a really dirty way) but IMO Liv is cuter and definitely smaller, so if thats your thing, and it's mine, than she scores higher even than Colina who while a tad older legit fucks better than my step mom did. Where Liv shines is she is so damn tiny she hits multiple positions and transitions in between them on the fly, the true definition of an asian "spinner" We rocked it on the sofa, the desk, and finally made it to the bed. I'm not a big dude but her tiny size made me feel like a giant and made my average junk look massive. But still she took it like an ace as hard as I punched her with it and never muttered one "jep" only "chawp" OK Thai phonetics suck I know, but hope the veteran punters know what the hell I'm saying. Finished me off with CIM (spits) which is always a good thing. And had to really work to do it (sorry girl) since I hit a 30 minute special a few hours prior on Soi 22 (just can't beat the price for those) Personality: 10/10 (easy to max her on this one I really can't imagine a more professional at this job) So bottom line will I book her again? .....Hellz yeah.... unless you assholes book her first! Don't get me wrong I still am working my way through the Smooci line up, as well as several massage joints and the occasional Gogo chika and Freelancer (c'mon I know I'm not the only one here doin it so don't judge, we are all in this game together) but every time I roll back around to booking Liv I am happily surprised how good she is for the price she charges. Hell I paid almost as much for a 30 minute deal in what is basically a "public" bed with a girl less attractive and skilled and I got Liv for an hour in my own place (and didn't have to fight my way around fucking construction to walk to Soi 22) Sure, I've had hotter girls... we all have... but not many as polite and professional or good in bed and definitely not many I can order in at her rates. **Although to be fair her 1 hour rate is 2k which is AWESOME but her two hour rate is the same as many of the outcall massage places online in BKK. True the pics on the massage website are far more likely to be photoshopped, but in terms of pure rate wise their two hour rate is the same as hers and several other girls on Smooci. Although a quick search has Kara, Vivian, and Emma listed as 2 Hours for 2.7k, while I haven't tried any of them yet this seems to be the lowest price currently on Smooci and beats any of the outcall massage or escort services I've seen. Still, this is why good, detailed, honest reviews are important and the ONLY reason this site is still a better bet than an outcall service. ...........THE BOTTOM LINE: Liv is awesome! Quite frankly, I'd rather everyone didn't book her but if you do treat her well. There are VERY few professionals of her quality and price point so appreciate her and she will be well worth the investment.
September 2018
I'd like to thank all the Smoocistas who reviewed her so positively or I would not have chosen and had a chance to meet this extraordinary young woman. She is authentic, warm and caring. Please treat her well and you will experience your own rewards. She arrived punctually, exuded a positive vibe and made me feel like I was the most important thing in her life for the two hours we spent together. This is a "review" and not a blow-by-blow, so I'll only say that she got in as many "shots" as I did... wow! The best GFE experience in years and the all-time greatest Thai woman in decades of mongering in Bangkok. Thanks Smooci and thanks Khun Livia.
April 2018
Second times the bomb. So good I had to get her again the next night. As I was only in Bangkok around 36 hours I wanted to get four different girls on Smooci that I had been eyeing from abroad. Needless to say Livia was so good I ended up booking twice. Despite me being drained by three other sessions she really worked hard to get me accross the finish line in what I'm calling the quatro 10k (3k for two others and 2k twice for Livia) All previous reviews are spot on. Much sexier than her pics. Has dark hair now like her close up. Killer tiny body and definitely knows how to use it. She really worked hard tonight and never batted an eye as I had her switch positions and go back to BBBJ every couple of minutes. In this case one final pop equals five condums. If I could give her more stars I would. Get her while she's still working guys because I suspect she won't be around long. Too good for what she's charging.
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