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Unfortunately Bao is not online right now.
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City Bangkok
Model Rating 5.0
Agency Thai Escorts Bangkok
Gender Female
Measurements 36D-36-26
Age 30 years old
Height 158 cm
Body Type Slim
Spoken languages English (Basic)
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Bao is not online right now.
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Duration Price Shots
1h 3,000 THB 1
2h 3,750 THB 2
3h 4,500 THB 2
4h 5,250 THB 2
6h 6,000 THB 2
8h 6,750 THB 3
10h 7,500 THB 3
12h 7,875 THB 3
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


October 2022
All the positive reviews about Bao is just spot on. I will just add few things. She definitely looks far better than her pictures. Remove the make up and photoshop, the real girl looks much more prettier. Also, her BBBJ skill is outstanding. She makes it long and slow with unique tongue action that will make u feel horny immediately. Just treat her with respect and you might have the best night of your life. She has a baby like smooth skin and it feel great to cuddle with her. She also provides excellent message after the rounds. Overall, I'm a very happy customer and will book Bao again before leaving BKK.
March 2021
This is my second time with Bao. First time I had her for 8 hours but this time I only managed to squeeze in 3 hours due to my schedule. As soon as she arrived we got right into it until the end. Was Hot AF. Once you become familiar with Bao, she’s is nice friendly girl who aims to please. She can be sensual one moment then a vixen the next, as long as you let her know. Also quite the fighter coz it’s very hard to please me. May start making this a monthly event. Thanks again, babe. Xoxo
December 2020
It is difficult to find the right words. Bao seems to be an angel from another world. She gave me a very special experience which I will never forget. I may confirm all the other very positive recommendations. She was so sweet in any way, that she managed to give me 3 strong orgasms in a row and the best thing was that I could feel and see her orgasms too. During the time with her, I forgot all reality to fly with her into a world of deep eroticism. It was a feeling of being in heaven to me and I surely want to meet her again.
October 2020
This will not be an explicit, blow by blow (he he) recounting of what was a fabulous encounter. That's because I never feel entirely comfortable writing a review, even if it's glowing praise like this one will be. I mean I know it's important for the girls to build a good reputation and these are a big part of that. And in the post-COVID-19 economic slump, the need of these girls to rebuild their customers is particularly acute. But it's what made a night like tonight so special, all the many wonderful moments that constitute the very thing that helps me overcome the discomfort of writing a review, that also happen to be the very thing that explains that discomfort. Discussing publically what was a private celebration of remarkably satisfying, incredibly erotic, intimacy always feels a tad bit in bad form. It begins when a sweet, beautiful, young woman like Boa walks into a complete stranger's hotel and doesn't reveal even the slightest hint of the many legitimate reasons she has to be nervous and thus perhaps less than immediately enthusiastic - the sort of thing some guys pounce on and drag someone's reputation through muck. But that is precisely her. Within moments she had these two strangers - at least this stranger in the duo -- feeling like a long lost lover had managed to find me and she wasted no time taking us back to those (non-existent) past days when we had been inseparable, insatiable lovers. Our experience tonight was one of those rare occasions when it seems like we're in some sort of contest over who can bring the other more pleasure. Sex never gets better than that. And for two hours (and a bit over) this was what we had. We hadn't even left the living room before she was wrestling what must be the most complicated belt mechanism ever devised. It eventually became something we were laughing about and the only solution we devised was to simply pull my pants off with the belt still fastened. And that's when I got my first indication of who I was dealing with -- a vixen determined to get me off first. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I had my own plans to leave her with legs so weakened she would walk away with some difficulty. So I heroically -- you'd say hero to if you had been experiencing the kind of magical treat she was giving me -- stopped her and walked that hottie in a schoolgirl costume to the bedroom. And instinctively she knew what and where I planned to begin my oral assault on her wonderland of a feminine perfection. Crawling onto bed she assumed the position - head down, butt up. Three of four orgasms later we began what she had desperately been asking me for 45 minutes earlier. And let's just say she's truly one of the lucky ones. She can orgasm from all sorts of stimulation. And at my age -- in my early 50s -- my stamina for intercourse is the sort of thing my 18 year-old past self could scarcely have imagined. Some 30-45 minutes, two positions -- and I honestly don't know how many orgasms -- later I finally had to rest a bit. Honestly, I think she appreciated the pause. This is when I notice our time was coming to an end -- but the very opposite of a clock watcher, she simply refused to leave until I had finished. And good god did she work hard, pulling out all the kinky little tricks in her grab, until finally, mercifully, she got me there. And I just collapsed back on the bed, and she, now being over time by some considerable margin - about which she had never said a single word, had to pop up and give the agency notice . Then a shower that I eventually dragged myself out of bed to join in her in. It was a warm, soapy, sweet and erotic perfect ending. Gentlemen, she's a treasure. Please, treat her accordingly. The number of times she felt compelled to tell me what a good and decent man I was told me there are too many of us out there who apparently do not fit that bill. Which is maddeningly disturbing to contemplate. The very idea that this sweetest of sweethearts found her encounter with me such a stark study in contrasts with others she has been engaged with was just incomprehensibly sad. She left with what I hope she found a generous token of my deep appreciation. And she left me looking forward to my next trip back up to Bangkok, when I will not hesitate to book her again. Why wouldn't I? She's a precious young woman so eager to please in such a fun, relaxed, and wildly erotic way. Fellas, no need to look any further. You'll thank me if you follow my advice, and book this treature!
August 2020
This is my first time experience with Bao. She is a bit more mature than in photos. But still in acceptable way. Her face is cute and boobs are beautiful although they are augmented. However, she has small butt. If you are big fan of booty, it will be downside. She frequently smiles, speak friendly and try her best to please me with good conversations. In terms of service in bed, I can say that she meet my expectation with GFE and PSE mixed gestures. As a bonus, she does brief massage while we are resting and talking.
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