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Unfortunately Ona is not online right now.
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City Bangkok
Model Rating 5.0
Agency Bangkok Dreams
Agency Rating 4.5
Gender Female
Measurements 34B-35-27
Age 30 years old
Height 165 cm
Body Type Average
Spoken languages English (Basic)
Likes BBBJ COB DATY DFK DT Massage Rimming
Response time Always responds within 10 mins
Unfortunately Ona is not online right now.
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Duration Price Shots
1h 3,000 THB 1
2h 3,750 THB 2
3h 4,500 THB 2
4h 5,250 THB 2
6h 6,000 THB 2
8h 6,750 THB 3
10h 7,500 THB 3
12h 7,875 THB 3
15h 8,250 THB 3
24h 9,000 THB 4
Sorry incall is not available in Bangkok
Payment method
Payment to be made within 10 minutes of arrival in THB or other major currencies.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on arrival 1,000 THB.


December 2020
Very happy, writing this review while on the follow-up date with Ona. She'll follow your lead whenever you want and when she senses you're a bit apprehensive, Ona will find a way to ease your tension in some playful method. Ona is definitely worth waiting for and taking the time to get to know. This is an awesome chick that knows how to have fun and make you happy. On the same evening, we rode on motorcycle taxis, a tuk-tuk and took the subway to beat the traffic in order to save time for the serious hanky-panky stuff. Ona currently has long, straight, black hair with a gentle brunette tint that she did herself. She’ll usually be in a ponytail while doing the deeds. Regardless of how you feel before your appointment, you’ll forget everything that’s troubling you while Ona is there with you. All your attention will be focused on her and each other. The lasting impression will only make you want more. If you have booked Ona enough times, she’ll take you underwear/nightie/uniform shopping. How can you say no to a gal that is willing to wear something sexy that you pick out together? This is one of the nicest and most personable individuals you’ll ever have a chance to meet anywhere, so don’t mess it up! Ona is a really bright and happy gal, so just make her smile and laugh. I’m hoping she gets out of this business and puts her energy into pursuing her dreams and passion. I wish Ona the best and sincerely hope she can find success in her career.
November 2020
It's tough for me to write this review because I'd much rather keep Ona a secret. I do care about Ona, her business and her reputation, so I will provide some honest feedback here, so when everyone starts arriving again, the potential customer base will hopefully discover that they'd need not look any further. Whether one is a newbie or a veteran of this site, just give Ona a chance and from the experiences that I've been so fortunate to have had, I couldn't have asked for anything more memorable. I took a big gamble based on prior reviews, initially booked 24 hours with Ona. Within the first few minutes of Ona arriving, chatting and flirting with her, I locked in an additional 24 hours, for a total of 48 consecutive hours with her agency. I don't really need to elaborate on what we did in private as the previous reviews have already covered that erotic aspect. I know 48 hours is alot of time to commit to a stranger, but Ona really tried to make the best of the time and kept on smiling no matter what. I wanted Ona to have the flexibility to run errands and take care of anything she needed to get done because 48 consecutive hours is alot to commit to some stranger when the agency only prepped her for a single 24 hour booking. Basically, Ona only left me once during the two days. Instead of taking her car and getting stuck in traffic going back to her condo for fresh clothes, she opted to take a motorbike and provided me periodic updates as to her whereabouts. She even considered to buy me some little snacks and beer on the way back so that I could save some money compared to the hotel in-room costs and fancy restaurant menu items. Unfortunately it rained a little bit on Ona while she was on the way back on the motorbike taxi, but she graced right back into the hotel room looking incredible and with her trademark smile. In all, Ona was only gone for 75 minutes during the 2 days. I gave her a giant tip before she left the room because I knew she could have made a lot more money from just two or three shorter duration bookings. Not once did she complain about the lengthy booking duration and I'm most grateful for all the experiences that Ona shared with me and allowed me to experiment with her. I was hesitant to post this review because it will only make it harder for me to book Ona again, but because I'll eventually be leaving Bangkok, I just want to do everything possible so that others might also be lucky to have a chance to discover the true beauty of this lovely lady. Ona is my highlight of this Year 2020. Please treat her well and really take good care of her. You'll be amazed by what she can do for you in return. I've never met anyone more beautiful inside and out, like Ona.
September 2020
Call an ambulance for me please. I need to go to the hospital now. I think my heart-rate has exceeded its designed limitations and my brother thoroughly needs an overhaul after one hell of a wild session with this sex-crazed phenom! Ona made my penis rock hard before we even got completely naked just talking about bedroom fantasies. Her English is good enough and if necessary, Google Translate will do the trick. Ona is a beautiful, cute and confident lady that can talk really dirty. Her BBBJ & DT skills are the best I have ever experienced. This is one gal that you would want for your GFE & PSE. Ask her to wear a sexy uniform for you. I recommend booking a hotel with a high-floor. Ona will drag you and your stiff tool off the bed, over to the window, to continue sucking you off as the Bangkok skyscraper lights glistens below. In that moment, there's not a better feeling than having some college-aged looking hottie, working hard on your manhood. Before you're allowed to cum, she'll rise up and bend over as she gently guides your scud-missile into her wet pussy to pound away. The sexy noises and muscle contractions as you bang away while pressing Ona into the panoramic window... holy cow, I want to finish writing this review and quickly book her again already. Reserve a nice room because Ona will want to fuck on every available surface. I guarantee you'll be doing her in multiple positions throughout the room.
August 2020
Simply the very BEST! There aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe how incredible Ona really is. She’s a cutie with such a happy personality! I can’t stop thinking about her as I’m writing this. My thoughts can only briefly summarize how memorable my booking with Ona was. I would consider myself lucky to have even been able to book her. Ona typically is scooped up by her regular clientele as soon as she’s online. She has a number of gentlemen that book her for extended 24-hr sessions, so definitely scoop her up before the regulars woo her away again. I’m thoroughly impressed by how Ona conducted herself while we were out in public and privately inside the hotel room. Ona will remake the bed and tidy up after each session so there is a clean, comfortable surface to cuddle on while recharging. She will listen to what you want and surprise you with her energetic enthusiasm along the way. She really is a sweetheart and can be described as a true girlfriend that anyone can only dream about. She dedicates her time to YOU. She only quickly uses her phone to check-in with her agency upon arrival and she won’t touch her phone again, unless you request her to play some music. Ona was happy to take the BTS SkyTrain together with me on a rainy night to have dinner. She was very polite to everyone along the way, so I would feel confident bringing her along to have dinner anytime. Ona says her English abilities are only basic, but her language skills are actually far better than that. We were able to have solid conversations throughout the night while getting to know each other. She has worked and traveled internationally, so for those who are seasoned road warriors, you can find a common topic to chat about. Ona’s passionate about the quality of her performance and sets a very high standard. Give her a chance and treat her like a Princess. You will be rewarded with the time of your life and you will be yearning for more of Ona. Our time together was fantastic, but it passed by so fast. I need to book more time with Ona because it is well worth it! Before leaving the room, she remade the bed and cleaned up the bathroom, so it nearly looked ready for the next guest to check-in. You cannot ask for a more responsible person to spend quality time with while also having someone so cute, wild and sexy to cuddle with. Ona drives her own car and even offered to take me to where I needed to go, but I felt bad to allow her to get stuck in the Bangkok traffic, so she dropped me off at the nearest metro station while insisting to drive me all the way to my intended destination. Your time won’t just end in the bedroom, unless you only want that. Ona is really genuine and will take the time to know you and at the same time you’ll really want to know more about her life too. Don’t be shy. You can talk to her about anything. I will most certainly be checking in on Ona and booking more time whenever our schedules allow. She’s the best I’ve ever seen! For those into physical attributes about Ona, she currently has long, straight, all-natural black hair. I would describe her as model quality, with stellar long legs and an amazing figure. She takes good care of herself and that’s evident in her silky-smooth skin. She has strong hands and gave me a professional quality massage to help relax before our subsequent rounds. I could stare into her deep gorgeous eyes forever, but her beautiful smile and ultra-soft lips were too tempting. She’ll give 110% effort into everything she does, so even while making out, her entire body was into it, so I got fully aroused with her fingertips working every sensitive area known to mankind, while her perky nipples were teasing me every time she pressed closer into my chest and her long-sexy legs getting tangled up with my main vein. All the services listed in Ona’s description were done multiple times to perfection! She aims to satisfy YOU each and every time. When you’re able to book a session with Ona, let her know what kind of music you’re into. She’s got a pretty good selection of tunes on her phone. You should hear her sing too. Ona’s got an incredibly beautiful voice. Please treat her well. She’s a happy person to be with and definitely keep the streak going while she’s in this business. She has her goals set, so I can only wish her the best. Hoping for another opportunity to book Ona again. Thanks for the most wonderful overnite, Ona! See you again soon!
December 2019
She deserves nothing short of 5 stars. She looks exactly like an 18 year-old schoolgirl, and she brought the schoolgirl outfit... my god... She endeavors to make all of your fantasies come true. And she does real DT, granted I'm not especially big, but she took 100% of it DT without me asking. Incredible BBBJ. Slim sexy body, small perky breasts which are perfect for her size, a cute handful. She says she is seriously considering breast implants, I tried to convince her not to, she is beautiful as she is! She would go from sexy schoolgirl to trashy pro girl... She's very clean and hygienic. Difficult to book her, somehow I managed to book her for 2 hours in between her coming back from a 24 hour booking, and then having another 24 hour booking after me. It seems that this girl takes no rest, I wish that she would slow down and take a vacation. However she is full of energy and aliveness, despite being a workaholic. Treat her well gentlemen, she's a sweetheart and deserves respect. Respect her and she will rock your world. Surrender to her, she is a tigress in bed, and she has so many creative sexy ideas, just go with it and enjoy. Only slight complain is that she really wanted to make me cum a second time, and I just didn't have the energy to blow a second load. The plus part of that is that she really tried everything to make it happen, she's not lazy, she wants to please you. I'd say she looks better than most of her pics, much better than her main pic. Blond haired photos are outdated. Her English is not really good, communication was a little challenging but we managed. She laughs a lot. Would recommend and would repeat again.
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